High blood pressure is one of the most common problems these days. Many people are suffering from BP problems. According to experts, we can control BP problems just by improving our lifestyle. If you want to treat High blood pressure without any medication you can follow these steps You cannot ignore the problem of Hypertension. High BP can be fatal in some cases. It can cause heart stroke, heart failure, and Dementia.  

Therefore your lifestyle and eating habits play a vital role in BP problems. That is why expert suggests improving your lifestyle.

Blood pressure between 120 to 140 systolic and 80 to 90 diastolic can be considered pre-hypertension and above 140/90 is considered as high BP. However, it may vary according to age.

People generally relay on medication in High BP problems. But expert says you can keep your BP in control just by improving your lifestyle.

If you are one of those people who are suffering from high BP and want to control your Bp without medication then you can check these few steps.

Weight loss: 

Your blood pressure may increase if your weight is increasing. You may face difficulty in breathing if you are fat and this can increase your BP also. The most effective way to control your blood pressure is to control your weight. If you are obese Or overweight losing weight can help you to lowering your BP.

Besides losing weight, also take care of the fat around or near the waist because the fat around the waist also can increase the risk of High blood pressure

Take a Balanced Diet:

Taking whole grains, fruits with rich fibers, and less fatty dairy products can help you to manage your BP. Along with that avoid food that has saturated fat or trans fat because this can increase your BP. Though it’s not easy to change eating habits and lifestyle. But a little, effort and self-control can make a big change. If you are able to manage your diet you can control your Blood pressure.

Exercise daily to Control High Blood pressure: :

Daily exercising can help you to improve your overall health. It will also help your lowering your blood pressure. According to experts you should exercise daily at least for 30 minutes. It will help you to reduce your BP as low as 5 to 8 mm Hg. Make a routine to exercise daily.

Avoid eating too much Salt:

Eating less salty food will not only improve your BP but also help you to keep your heart healthy. If you are suffering from high BP problems limit your sodium intake. Generally, people should limit their sodium intake to 2300 mg or less.

Limit caffeine Intake to Control High Blood pressure:

You should also limit your caffeine intake because it may increase your BP levels. Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol is not good for your overall health. According to health experts, people should limit their alcohol intake to 2 drinks only. This will help them to manage their BP.