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Omnacortil 5 mg

omnacortil 5 mg
omnacortil 5 mg

Omnacortil 5 mg


Product Code           : GP7101
Generic Name          : Prednisolone 5MG
Brand Name             : WYSOLONE
Manufacture            : Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Presentation            : pills (blister)
Delivery time           : 12-15 working days 

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Omnacortil 5 mg is a steroid. It is helpful to treat a wide range of medical issues such as allergic conditions, asthma, severe allergic reactions, rheumatic disorder, nephritic syndrome and skin and eye disorders. It relaxes your  immune system and gives relief from inflammation.

omnacortil 5 mg medicine should not be taken with an empty stomach because this may lead to an upset stomach of food. Take this medicine each day at the same time with a glass of water. Your health expert  will suggest  the dose and how regular you should take this medicine. Your doctor may change the doses. You should not stop this medicine on your own, your health expert will decide. 

Few most common side effects of this drug such as weight gain, mood changes, reduction in bone density, behavioral changes and upset stomach. Consult  your doctor asap if these bother you or persist for a long period of time.

Tell your doctor about all your medical history especially if you have diabetes, poor blood circulation and poor immune system and if you are taking any other steroid.


severe allergic reactions
Treatment of Rheumatic disorder
In treatment of skin diseases
Treatment of Nephritic syndrome
In treatment of eye allergies


This medicine can be used in many severe allergic reactions. It is helpful to reduce the inflammation of these allergic reactions. This medicine works to prevent secretion of those substances which cause inflammation in your body. This medicine fights against many allergic reactions such as psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, arthritis. It helps to lower the response of the immune system to these allergic conditions and minimizes symptoms such as itching and swelling.

This drug helps to reduce swelling in lungs and also helpful to prevent symptoms of asthma like tightness in chest, coughing, breathlessness and wheezing.

It also works in treatment of eye allergies like itching in eyes, redness, swelling and watery eyes.
This drug also helps to treat Nephritic syndrome (a kidney disorder ) in which your body sends too much of protein in urine and that causes swelling in various parts of your body such as ankles, feet and around eyes.

Continue taking this medicine even if you do not find any symptoms. Do not discontinue unless your doctor suggests.


Take this drug as suggested by your doctors. Do not break it or chew it. Gulp it with a glass of water after a meal. Don’t take it on an empty stomach.


This medicine is a steroid that works to stop certain chemical messengers that cause allergies and inflammation (redness and swelling).


Like every drug this medicine also has side effects but that does not need any medical attention and goes away easily. A few common side effects are upset stomach, less bone density, mood changes and weight gain.

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