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After taking Cenforce 50 how many times can you have sex?

After taking Cenforce 50 how many times can you have sex?

Discover how often you can engage in sexual activity after using Cenforce 50. Ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with valuable insights.

You have tried all the non-medical ways of having a good sex life and nothing worked? You are not alone. Whatever the reason, sexual dysfunction is common and can happen to any normal human being. Its reasons are not always physical either, a dysfunction can happen because of emotional, physical as well as a psychological imbalances that you are going through in life. 

Now that you have decided to go for medical treatment for the same, there is no better option than Cenforce 50. But before you consider using it, it is very important to educate yourself about how Cenforce works. From its dosage to side effects to the number of times you can have sex. We are going to help you know everything you need to know about cenforce 50. And more importantly, what happens after taking the medicine? 

How it works 

These pills will absorb in the blood as soon as you take them and will start working after an hour of going into your body’s system. As the blood will start flowing easily, after taking the pills, it will help your penis to get an erection. 

Viagra is not effective on its own. To have an erection, you’ll still need to feel sexually engaged. Another factor that might hasten Viagra’s duration of action is comfort and relaxation.

And have a good time in bed, by helping you perform as you desire. You may have side effects like redness or flushing if you don’t take the precautions prescribed by your doctor. 

How many times you can have sex after taking this medicine?

How many times you can have sex after taking Cenforce, depends on how long will the effect last on your body. Commonly its effect last for 2-3 hours. But it varies from person to person as per the dosage, metabolism of your body, and some other factors. 

If we look at the extreme side of the time this pill’s effect will last, it’s around 5 hours after the pill’s effect comes into complete action in your body. 

After taking the pills, the effect lasts for a maximum of 5 hours, after that the effects of it start to decrease. In those 2-5 hours, you can have sex as many times as you are capable of feeling sexually aroused. 

Keep in mind that the pill only works if you are feeling sexually aroused to have a good time in bed. 

What factors affect the number of hours Cenforce lasts?

Following are the factors which make the pill’s effect vary from person to person: 

  • Amount of Dosage: The quantity of the medicine you take affects how long it’s going to last in your system. The doses available are 25mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. The no of hours varies on the amount of dose along with physical and internal factors of your body. But it’s not safe to go for the highest dose without a doctor’s prescription. As the side effects may harm your body severely. 
  • Your Age: The most important factor for the medicine to stay in your system is how long can it slow down the metabolism. Your metabolism becomes slow as you age, that’s why it works for longer hours for a person who is aged 65 years or older. 
  • Lifestyle and diet: Food high in fat, right before you take this medicine will help the pills to stay in the system for a long. Whereas excessive drinking and smoking slow down the blood flow to your penis, which results in making cenforce last for a shorter period than it naturally can.
  • Medications: The duration of Viagra can be impacted by some drugs, particularly antibiotics like erythromycin, clarithromycin (Biaxin), and ciprofloxacin.
  • Psychological condition:  Anxiety, nervousness, depression, or worry can all have an impact on how your body reacts to sexual arousal. Cenforce will not last as long or be as impactful if you are not relaxed or comfortable during sex, or if you have performance anxiety as a result of previous sexual experiences.

How many pills are safe to take at once?

You may think double the pills, double the benefit. But what multiplying here is the risk, the severe ones. 

Your body might not react properly to a single dose in some cases and if you are considering taking a double dose, all at once, this will cause more danger than pleasure. While taking a single dose might just cause symptoms like, dizziness and redness, the double dose has severe and deadly side effects. 

Hence it is always advised to take doses as per your body and health capacity and refrain from even considering double doses of Cenforce 50. 


Cenforce 50 helps you become sexually active and confident, from “you continuously doubting yourself” and that too with a dissatisfied sex life. You can buy Cenforce 50 online or in over-the-counter medical stores. And take them keeping in mind your body’s health.