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Save Big on Women’s Health: Premarin Vaginal Cream Coupon

Save Big on Women’s Health: Premarin Vaginal Cream Coupon

Save on Women's Health: Premarin Vaginal Cream Coupon - Get Discounts Now!

If you are more than 50, you may have begun to go through symptoms of menopause like vaginal dryness. A lot of women are seen to use Premarin vaginal cream to get some relief. It is a menopause drug. This drug is one of the more commonly recommended estrogens that not only treat symptoms of menopause but also stop osteoporosis.

A female sex hormone, it is part of the therapy of female hormone therapy. It helps to treat deficiency symptoms of estrogen. These are vaginal dryness and hot flashes. You must apply it all over your vagina as your doctor mentioned. Even if you see that there are some improvements in your symptoms, you should keep on using it as your doctor suggested. If you wish to save your money on Premarin cream, check out some tips.

Make use of your insurance:

One of the best ways of saving on Premarin vaginal cream is by using your insurance. A lot of insurance plans cover it. However, there lies a catch. Most of the plans need a patient to submit an authorization form or complete a step therapy before they will be covering this drug.

If the insurance plan does not cover it, you can consult your doctor for an appeal. The exact procedure will be based on your insurance. However, you will need to work with your doctor to submit a letter of appeal.

Use discount coupons:

Our online store offers great discount coupons on Premarin Vaginal cream. You can also check our offer segment to get a discount on Premarin prices. 

Use a savings card

The maker of this drug is Pfizer. They offer a manufacturer coupon for it. If you are interested in buying Premarin cream online there are several other discounts too. Ensure you ask about the expiry date for your savings.

Check a patient assistance program

Pfizer offers a program of patient assistance for all uninsured people. So be aware if this assistance is there indefinitely or if it will expire after a time or number of refills.

Discuss alternatives with your doctor

Other than this drug, there are other estrogen drugs that can treat menopause symptoms and prevent osteoporosis. None of them are created from conjugated estrogens. But you can substitute them for Premarin vaginal cream in a few cases.

Is it an effective drug?

HRT or hormone replacement therapy is used for relieving menopause symptoms like vaginal dryness, lowered sex urge, and hot flashes. As menopause can stay for many years, Premarin vaginal cream can cause a huge improvement to your everyday mood and life.

One of the two vital hormones used in this treatment is estrogen. An easy way of delivering hormones is using vaginal gels and tablets. But they may not cure all symptoms. You must use this cream as recommended by your doctor and for the duration he mentioned.

Why should women use it?

It is a mixture of estrogens. Being a part of hormone replacement therapy, this drug works and maintains the levels of estrogen in the body of women who have gone through menopause. It prevents the vaginal walls from turning dry and thin. Thus it lowers inflammation.

Some useful tips:

  • Remember that your doctor prescribed it as a part of hormone replacement therapy. It is for relieving menopausal symptoms.
  • You can apply it to the external area of your vagina. You can also insert it into the vagina by using the provided applicator.
  • It will not expose any part of your body to this drug. So it will avoid Premarin cream side effects that take place more frequently when using Premarin pills. Avoid having sex immediately after you use it as your partner’s skin may absorb some of this drug.
  • If you suffer from vaginal spotting or bleeding, abnormal vaginal discomfort, or discharge while using it, tell your doctor.
  • You should not use it if you are lactating or pregnant.
  • Women who smoke or are over 35 should not use it.
  • If you have a history of heart issues or blood clots get help from your doctor before using it.

Frequently asked questions

Who should not use it?

People who have allergies to conjugated estrogens should not use it. People who suffer from uterine or breast cancer, unusual vaginal bleeding, blood clots in the lungs or legs, heart issues, and bleeding disorders should not use it.

Will a generic version of this drug be available?

In 2012, the patent protection of Premarin expired. Thus technically other manufacturers are allowed to create its generic version with the same active ingredients. But not a single generic version is approved. The estrogens used in the cream come from pregnant mares’ urine.

As this drug comes from the urine of horses, there is no mention of its exact ingredients. A synthetic version of this drug is also not approved. So there may not be a Premarin vaginal cream generic version.

How should I use it?

You need to use it as told by your doctor. First, you need to fill the applicator with Premarin vaginal cream, as per the directions. Then insert this applicator high into your vagina. After that press the plunger and release this drug. Once done, clean this Premarin vaginal cream applicator using warm soapy water. After that rinse it properly.

You should not boil or use hot water for cleaning the applicator. Premarin dosage depends on your condition and your response to this treatment. You must use it on a regular basis to get the best benefit from it. You need to carefully follow the dosage schedule. You should not increase the dosage or use it more frequently or for a longer duration than mentioned. 

Is Premarin cream safe to use?

When you will begin using Premarin vaginal cream, you may suffer from itching or irritation. This will slowly go away if you keep on using it. You may experience abdominal pain, headache, vaginal thrush, and a genital rash. Inform your doctor if you are suffering from vaginal bleeding. Your doctor may prescribe you an alternative drug. 

How should I manage its most common side effects?

If you suffer from a headache, rest and try to relax. Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of fluids like electrolytes or water. Apply a pain-relief balm on your forehead. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. It may increase your headache. Inform your doctor if your headache becomes worse. If you suffer from dizziness, it is important to get sufficient sleep. Avoid driving or using machines. Get medical help if the condition becomes serious and follow Premarin cream directions.

Can Premarin cream cause cancer?

If you use it for a long time it may cause uterine or breast cancer. To avoid this, your doctor will be monitoring you constantly via periodic ultrasounds and blood tests. But if you face any sudden symptoms like breast tenderness or pain, nipple discharges, abnormal bleeding from the vagina, pelvic pain, and purplish breast discoloration, tell your doctor.

Few final words

Premarin vaginal cream aids with symptoms of menopause. It replaces the estrogen that is lost naturally during menopause. It does not have any generic version. Yet you can save on it by making use of the tips mentioned above.