Calcium deficiency is a common problem among both males and females. When your diet alone doesn’t supply sufficient calcium, you need to add a supplement. Therefore Calcal tablet is a nutritional supplement for calcium deficiency treatment. It is used to treat highly low levels of calcium in the body. You can consume before or after your regular meal. But, it’s wise to take a well-balanced diet before the pill.

Taking it regularly for a set period will help you to get the best benefits. Also, it will assist you in avoiding the negative symptoms as well. Some calcal users administer stomach pain or constipation. If you’re having similar effects, rush to your doctor. He will serve you with the right advice to lower the negative effects. Always let your doctor know the previous medicines you’re consuming. It will help them decide the ideal dosage of calcal for your needs. Continue reading to know more!

Medical Benefits Of Consuming The Calcal Tablet

Calcal tablet is a blend of two major nutritional supplements. It contains a definite amount of Vitamin D3 and calcium. It is given when a doctor feels that your diet doesn’t supply the right calcium to your body. With one pill per day, you can balance the calcium levels in your body. Plus, it will improve the vitamin D level in the patient’s blood. The active ingredients of the pill will help your body to absorb more calcium. Major uses of calcal include;-

1-Treating the vitamin D deficiency in your blood
2-Improving the calcium levels in your body and helps to absorb more calcium
3-Effective for treating bone related disorders like osteoporosis

Doctors recommend calcal for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and old people. This pill will help the patients to improve their health by improving the calcium absorbing power.

How To Use Calcal tablet ?

Consume the medicine as per your doctor’s advice and direction. Stop the medicine if you get negative effects from the medicine. Instead, rush to your doctor and seek medical help. Here are a few things to keep in mind while consuming calcal.

1-Fix a time to consume the tablet regularly
2-Do not combine the tablet with other medicines
3-Swallow the calcal pill without breaking or eating
4-Eat a well-balanced diet before the pill

This way you can improve the benefits and reduce the chances of side effects.

Side Effects Of Calcal Tablets

Every human body acts differently when you consume a new pill. This is why a few patients encounter side effects after the medicine. Most of the effects will go on their own once your body adjusts itself. While many other patients deal with prolonged side effects. In such a case, the doctor suggests that the patient should seek medical help. The two major side effects of the medicine include;-

2-Upset stomach

Right Dose Of Calcal Tablets

The dosage of calcal tablets varies from one patient to another. You need to contact your doctor to know the right dosage amount for your needs. They will analyze your health history and calcium levels. Then, they will offer you the right dosage that meets your health needs. If you consume the wrong dose, rush to your doctor. They will help you to reduce the negative effects of the medicine.

Fix a time to consume the medicine regularly. It will help you to prevent missing a dose of the medicine. If, in case, you still miss a dose, consume it soon. Check out the time interval between the both dosages before consuming.

Conversely, if you overdose, rush to your healthcare provider. Overdose can often affect your body negatively. Many of the effects can be fatal and life-threatening. Stop the medicine in such a case and then consult your doctor.

Safety Advice before using Calcal tablet

Not every medicine is suitable for every patient. Plus, one medicine can inhibit the working of another medicine. This is why it’s good to consume the medicine with some precautions.

1-Do not consume the medicine with alcohol as it can affect its working
2-Patients with diabetes, hypertension, and cancer should inform their doctor
3-People with high cholesterol levels should consult a doctor before using the pill
4-Inform your doctor if you’ve liver or kidney disease

Some Other Precautions Related To Calcal Pills

1-If you’ve had kidney stones or kidney problems, let your doctor before you start the medicine
2-Patients who consume medicines related to bone or heart disease should contact doctor
3-Do not use iron supplements and calcal pills together
4-Include calcium-rich dietary supplements in your diet
5-Exercise daily to keep the blood circulation of your body optimum

Summing Up

Taking a few precautions will help you to get the best benefits. While purchasing the medicine, choose a reliable product. Check the label and talk to your doctor before starting the medicine. This way you can get the benefits without any side effects.