Commonly, 35% to 75%, of people who are suffering from diabetes may face erectile dysfunction problems to some extent. However, it is not necessary that everyone faces this issue. But it is quite common. You can opt for prevention strategies, treatments, and more to treat your ED problems.

Why do men who suffer from diabetes, Have Erectile Dysfunction?

The inability to achieve or retain a firm erection for intercourse is commonly seen in adult men who suffer from diabetes, more commonly those with diabetes type 2. It may happen due to damage to blood vessels and nerves caused by a very long term and poor blood sugar control. This ED problem may also be associated with other issues usual in men with diabetes, Like heart disease and very high blood pressure. Some people may experience difficulty retaining erection before the diagnosis of diabetes. It is quite common, people who have Diabetes may experience Erectile dysfunction problems earlier than nondiabetic people.

Due to erectile dysfunction, you may have to face many challenges. In such cases, you and your partner can feel discouraged and frustrated. To deal with the situation take some steps and fight erectile dysfunction and get your sex life back on track.

Discuss with your health expert

People generally hesitate to discuss their erectile dysfunction with the doctor. But don’t keep you away from getting a doctor’s help due to embarrassment. A little discussion with a doctor can make great changes in your sex life, here are the things you need to follow.

  • Discuss with your doctor and let him know what’s happening:
    Your health expert will check the underlying reasons for your ED problems and suggest treatments, medication, and other information about erectile dysfunction. The doctor will suggest suitable options for you.
  • Discuss with your doctor how to control and manage your diabetes:
    Your doctor will suggest treatment that will help to manage your blood sugar levels and blood vessel and prevent nerve damage, which may be the main cause of erectile dysfunction. keep yourself checked with the doctor and improve your way of living. That is how you can control your sugar levels and your ED.
  • Discuss other health issues:
    It is quite common that people who have diabetes may experience other chronic health problems which can make your erectile dysfunction bad to worse, Get yourself checked with the doctor to make sure if you have any other health problems.
  • Check the drugs:
    Ask your doctor to check if you’re consuming any drugs that might be aggravating your ED problems, such as medicine that are used to treat high blood pressure or depression. Your doctor may help you just by changing your medications a little.
  • Get proper Counseling:
    Erectile dysfunction can be worse due to anxiety or stress. ED problems can give a negative impact on your personal life and sex life. A psychologist will help you and your partner to cope with the situation,

What are the available treatment options for erectile dysfunction

There are few treatment options available for Erectile dysfunction problems. Consult a health adviser before opting for any treatment.

  1. Oral medications. Erectile dysfunction drugs include tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra), sildenafil, cenforce 50 (Viagra), or avanafil (Stendra). These tablets may help to improve blood flow to your penis, making it simple to receive and hold an erection for a long time. Ask your doctor whether any of the above medications can help your situation or not.
  2. Other treatments. In case the tablets are not a good choice for you, your health expert may suggest a small suppository you insert into the tip of your penis before sex. You can also inject it into the base or sides of the penis. This will also assist you to get and maintain an erection.
  3. Vacuum-erection device. This is a device that is also known as a penis pump or a vacuum pump. It is a hollow pipe you keep over your penis. This device uses a pump to pull blood into your penis to create an erection
    A band kept at the base of the penis keeps the erection after the device is removed. This is a very simple and hassle-free device that is easy to operate. Your doctor may suggest the correct device that is suitable for your needs.  
  4. Penile implants. In those cases when drugs or a penis pump are not working, a penis implant might be an alternate. Inflatable penile or Semirigid implants are a quite effective and safe option for many people with erectile dysfunction.

Choose a healthy lifestyle

You can improve your overall health including erectile dysfunction by just making a little change in your lifestyle. You can improve your overall health including erectile dysfunction by just making a little change in your lifestyle. Therefore choose a healthy eating habit and include exercising in your routine.

  • Quit smoking. The use of tobacco and smoking can contract your blood vessels which further can lead to erectile dysfunction problems. The level of nitric acid may decrease with the use of cigarettes and tobacco which transmit the signal to blood vessels to flow blood into your penis at the time of sex.
    If you are trying to quit these habits you can do it yourself or there are several medicines and therapies available. 
  • Lose excess weight. Being overweight can lead to or worse your erectile dysfunction problems.
  • Include physical exercise in your daily activity. The habit of daily exercising can help to stay away from many health problems such as access weight, stress, and anxiety and it also improves the blood flow in your body.
  • Quit or limit alcohol. Excess use of alcohol can also cause erectile dysfunction. Chose a moderate quantity to drink. If your age is 65 or above quit alcohol or just take one drink a day