When a man either psychologically or physiologically not able to erect or shows disinterest in sex right after ejaculation or orgasm. It is called the refractory period. This condition can last for a few minutes or days it varies from individual to individual.

Did you notice that right after ejaculation it is very difficult or nearly impossible to get a hard penis again? Not only is it generally physically easy to go for a second round immediately. Rather you may simply show disinterest in sex anywhere for some time to hours or days.

This happens due to the refractory period — This condition occurs right after sex or orgasm when you are mentally or physically not able to show interest in sex for the second round. During the refractory period, you won’t think of sex or sexual activity. During this period, you won’t think of sex or sexual activity. Even if someone tries to sexually arouse you, you definitely won’t give much attention to it.

The total timing of the refractory period can differ depending on a few factors, your age can be one of them. However, researchers have limited information about shortening the refractory period. But some medicines can help to combat this condition such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, etc.

Here we have explained what is refractory period, the Reasons, and what the refractory period duration normally lasts. We’ve also checked the recent scientific studies. Just to explain what you might do to reduce your refractory period and have sex for the next round without any further wait.

What Is the Refractory Period?

This condition comes starts right after orgasm or ejaculation in sexual intercourse or masturbation we know as the refractory period. You will have very strong sexy thoughts during masturbation or sex. During sex, you will be in a mood and stimulated. Generally, you will have a firm erection throughout the sexual activity. Once you are done with orgasm and ejaculate, your penis goes flaccid and your interest level in sex goes from fierce to virtual nil. In the refractory time, you will be less interested in sex and sexual activity. The refractory period is also referred to as the “Sexual Response Cycle. We can categorize the sexual response cycle into four phases.

  1. Excitement
    In the primary phase of the sexual response cycle, Your heart rate will be up and blood flow around the penile area will also increase. This phase stays for a few minutes or can last for hours.
  2. Arousal
    In this phase, your muscle tension will rise, blood flow to the penis will be up and your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure will also rise. This phase starts right after the first phase and goes until just before you ejaculate.
  3. Orgasm
    This phase explains itself. Your sexual enjoyment will be extreme. Your blood pressure and heartbeat will be at their highest point and you’ll ejaculate and feel orgasm in response to sexual arousal.
  4. Resolution
    The last phase is the refractory period. The body will restore its normal functioning gradually. Now your heart rate will go down. At this stage, you will feel simultaneously fatigued and satisfied. Your penis will also be flaccid position. 

The Reason for The Refractory Period

Researchers have no idea why this refractory period happens. They are not sure about its reasons. There is a specific biological process behind this. A theory says many hormones are released during and after or after ejaculation, like prolactin, Oxytocin, and others. They all have certain roles to limit arousal and prevent erection after orgasm. However, the experts don’t know why this refractory period happens. But they do know how long this period lasts. It does not relate to the factors like your testosterone levels, your performance during sex, or potency in general.

What is the duration of The Refractory Period?

This period can differ from person to person. Some people may have a small duration of the refractory period. That can last for a few minutes. While some people are not interested in sex for many hours of ejaculation.

Age can be a factor. If you’re an aged person it may take 12 to 24 hours or more before you feel interested and physically ready for sex again.

Since it’s not easy to carry out scientific analysis on the average period between the second round. Just assume to ask hundreds of couples to monitor the time that passes between sex rounds one and two. Therefore we do not have a precise “average” time available for this particular approach to sex.

How can you decrease The Refractory Period?

There are several theories available on the internet about how to decrease your refractory period. These theories can blow your mind. Most of these are based on hearsay than real science. Although they may work for some people. But no guarantee that will work for you. Since we do not know enough about exactly how or why the refractory period happens. Thus we have very few proven techniques to decries the refractory period to get ready for the second round of sex after orgasm.

Erectile Dysfunction Medicines

Experts say that erectile dysfunction medicines like Viagra (sildenafil), cenforce 100mg, Cialis( Tadalafil), and others can decrease the male refractory period.

A study was done on 20 men to check the effect of sildenafil recovery time after sex. These men were part of two groups. The first group was receiving a placebo and the other was given 100 mg of sildenafil. The men who took sildenafil had a shorter post-ejaculatory refractory time.

Another study of males with premature ejaculation showed similar results. The males were given either a placebo or sildenafil to check if sildenafil would work to reduce the intensity of premature ejaculation symptoms.

However, sildenafil didn’t improve the time of ejaculation. The males in the sildenafil group had an average post-ejaculation refractory time. It was around half that of the men in the other group.

Other strategies to shorten your refractory period

Along with the medicines such as Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. You can make some small changes in your lifestyle and diet. This can give a great impact on your mental as well as sexual health. This will also help you to reduce your refractory period.

  • Eat Healthily- You should opt healthy diet. This will not only help you in reducing your refractory time but also help you to stay fit.
  • Exercise daily- exercise can improve your overall health. Therefore you should make a habit of daily exercising.
  • Take care of your cardiovascular health-You should take extra care of your cardiovascular especially if you are dealing with ED problems. Because Sexual health is dependent on the blood flow in your body.
  • Limit the use of alcohol-Alcohol may be associated with different types of sexual disability. That includes erectile dysfunction and less sexual desire. If you’d like to enjoy round two as soon as possible, it’s best to avoid drinking excessively.
  • Experiment with new sex scenarios, positions, and fantasies- Try a new position and foreplay after the first round of sex. It will help to get the optimal sex stimulation.

Final words

Now we know that it’s pretty normal to lose interest in sex after the first round. And it’s very normal to have less sex desire right after ejaculation.
However, the refractory period can be different from one person to another. Some may take a few minutes and some can take hours to restore the energy for the next round. In case you are above 50 years of age, your body may take 12-24 hours. to restore.

So it’s normal to have this refractory period. But if you have concerns about the timing talk to your health expert. And you also can use Erectile Dysfunction medicine that may decrease the refractory period.