Do you often face gas problems or flatulence?

Stomach gas or flatulence is a very common issue which is the gas formed in the stomach. This is also called inflammation of the stomach. Generally, you felt this right after taking food. Because of this, your digestive process also gets disturbed. Even though this problem is common, ignoring may become a serious illness too. There are many ways to ease these problems

Stomach bloating

It’s a common problem people generally face after eating too much food. However, if you are taking a normal diet and still complain of gas or flatulence then do not ignore it and contact a health expert. Because this can also be a sign of any serious illness. Sometimes people who are struggling with these problems can take the advice of experts and get relief. 


A few people have more issues with flatulence than other people. There may be different reasons behind this. Such as food intolerance, periods, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), habits of eating fast, or taking too much fiber. Sometimes flatulence also happens due to small interstitial bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Some experts say, these bacteria are formed from fermented and carbohydrate foods and they form gases such as hydrogen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide. Due to this gas formation, the intestine makes the stomach feel tight or swollen. If you have SIBO you will feel flatulence after eating anything. However, you can avoid these problems in some ways.

Four Habits will bring great relief from Stomach problems.

  • Avoid keeping too much gaps between your meals

Your small intestine does the job of cleaning itself. Undigested foods in your stomach go from the small intestine to the large intestine. The process repeats every two hours when you are not eating. The process works to balance the bacteria found in the stomach. Keeping a gap between the meals can maintain a balance in the stomach.

  • Don’t Eat Quickly

According to health experts, you should chew your food slowly. Because if you chew it much the less air will go into your mouth. Therefore less air will enter your stomach which means less flatulence. So you just have to chew your food properly to avoid this issue.

  • Drink Enough water

Too much sodium in your body can also cause inflammation. You can avoid this situation just by drinking enough water. Because water will flush out the excess sodium from your body and will keep your body clean and hydrated. 

  • Eat less fermented food 

According to dieticians if you eat food with less yeast you will not feel the symptoms of SIBO. However, there are fewer studies available on this and need more research about it. High fermentation foods such as beans, cauliflower, artificial sweeteners, and broccoli may cause gas in our stomachs. Therefore, you can minimize these symptoms by just avoiding the high fermentation foods. You can also follow a healthy diet to avoid this situation

Above are the simple solution you can opt for to ease the symptoms of stomach gas and flatulence. We hope the article is helpful for you.