Tadalista 10 mg contains active ingredients that treat erectile dysfunction in men. The major ingredient in Tadalista, Tadalafil, treats the condition. The result of the medicine will last for about 36 hours. The proper dosage of the pill will depend on the severity of your condition. Not just erectile dysfunction, it is given to patients with pulmonary hypertension. However, Patients are advised to consume the medicine regularly as per prescription. It will assist you in getting a stiff and firm penis erection. Patients with blood vessel damage can contact the doctor for the pill. This is also known as the weekend pill, you must consume the medicine as per your doctor’s advice.

Should You Consume Tadalista 10 mg For Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, Tadalista is a well-known drug to treat sexual ailments in males. Sexual impotence and ED are some of the common ailments that it can treat. The drug improves the blood that flows to your penis. It will relax the genital male organs by improving the blood flow. And it further inhibits the production of PDE-5 receptors. It will improve the health of the blood vessels leading to penis. You should always talk with your doctor before using the pill. Because the overdose can harm your health adversely. In some rare cases, a dose of tadalista can lead to death. This is why you should know the right dosage as per your health history. A few uses of tadalista 10 mg include;-

Treating erectile dysfunction
Prevent benign prostatic hyperplasia
Treat the problems related to passing of urine

What To Consider While Consuming Tadalista 10 mg For ED?

Many males deal with the strain around your pelvic organs. This, in turn, reduces the blood flowing to the penis. In such a condition, it becomes hard for patients to get hard penis erection. The 10 mg of tadalafil present in the pill will give long time effects. However, doctors recommend patients to consume the medicine in the right way. This will help you to avoid the side effects of tadalista 10 mg. A few things that you must keep in mind while consuming the pill. Following these things will help you to get satisfactory sexual results

1-Take the pill as per your says, probably one each day
2-Stay hydrated by drinking one glass of water after taking the pill
3-Never ever double up the dose to get hard erection for a longer period because this will harm your health adversely
4-Be sure you take the pill at a fixed time with or without a meal
5-Also consume the pill orally without breaking, crushing or chewing it

Erectile dysfunction in men

Is There Any Side Effect Of Tadalista 10 mg For Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes. Just like other medicines, tadalista shows a few side effects. Though they may go on their own, you must reach out for help if they persist. Some of the most common side effects of medicine are:

Fall In Blood Pressure
Changes In Vision
Sensitivity To Light
Prolonged And Painful Erection
Nasal Congestion

Key Highlights About The Tablet

Before you start using the pill for ED, here are a few highlights you need to know.

● Consume the medicine 2 hours before you plan to have sex. The effects of the pill will last for about 3 days in your body.
● Generally, the pill starts working within 2 hours of consumption. However, it might vary as per your health condition. So give the pill enough time to mix in your body and show effects.
● It’s quite safe to use the pill and it won’t form any habit. But consult your health expert before use.
● Pills can lead to dizziness and exhaustion. This is why you should avoid using it with alcohol. If you use it, rush to your healthcare provider.
● Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies not not use this because it is not fore women.
● The ingredients of the pill can affect your ability to drive. The extent of the effect will vary from one patient to another. So, be sure you avoid driving for a few hours after the medicine.
● Kidney and liver patients should not consume the pill. Because some of the medications can react with the pill, leading to negative effects. A few medicines that react with tadalista include;-



Tadalista is a safe medicine if you consume it properly. By keeping a few things in mind while consuming will help you to treat ED. If you’re currently using any medicines then talk to your doctor. They will analyze if the medicines can react with each other. Therefore they will ensure the right dosage of the pill. This way you can get rid of sexual ailments with tadalista. If you notice any kind of symptoms, reach for help. In rare cases, people experience negative effects. Having your doctor by your side will help you to stay protected.