Omnacortil 20 is a drug/medicine prescribed by doctors and pharmacists. It is used to treat allergies, Asthma, Skin Disorder, and such diseases. The drug is available in the form of a tablet. It is easily available in the local pharmacy. You can find these on online websites. The dosage of the medicine which you should take depends on different factors. Many factors determine the dosage of this drug. Such factors include body weight, medical history, gender, and age. Depending on these factors, the dosage of your medication will be decided. In case it is serious, you might probably require a higher medicine dosage.

There are a variety of factors and points that ultimately decide the dosage you should take. What omnacortil does is reduce inflammation by suppressing the immune system in the body.

The frequency also varies as per your needs and from person to person. You should consume it daily if you want to get maximum benefits. Also, the medicine is not very expensive, it is priced low, and everyone can afford it. Some even consider it to be a kind of steroid. However, be assured that it is safe to consume. All the doctors would advise you to consume it. Make sure you take it after a meal if you are experiencing a stomach ache.


Omnacortil 20mg has a wide variety of uses and advantages. We have listed down some uses and benefits of consuming these tablets :

  • Cures Allergy
  • Treats Skin Disorder
  • Cures Eye Discharge
  • Treats Asthma
  • Treats Nephrotic Syndrome
  • Treats Rheumatic Disorder
  • Helpful in Arthritis Treatment
  • Helpful in curing Severe Allergic Reactions
  • Useful for Bursitis
  • Cures Uveitis
  • Treats Wheezing
  • Treats Itchy Scalp
  • Cures Lymphoma
  • Cures Heat Rash
  • Treats Lupus
  • Cures Facial Paralysis
  • Cures Swollen Tongue

There are many other benefits of Omnacortil 20 as well. We have listed down some of them. Pharmacists and Doctors use Omnacortil 20 to treat a variety of ailments.


We have also listed down how one should consume OmnaCortil 20. In case you are suffering from the following ailments. Normally this is how pharmacists and doctors advise you to take this medication. You can also consult your doctor before following this.


In case you are an adult with some allergies or severe allergic reactions, the maximum dose of the medicine you should consume is 5mg. Do not consume more than 5mg of medicine if your doctor or physician has not asked you to.

If the doctor or physician has told you to take more than 5 mg of dosage, follow their advice. The medicine comes in a tablet. And you will have to swallow it and drink some water after you swallow the tablets.

The doctor or physician will tell the frequency of the medication. This medicine is generally taken after meals, and you should consume it after meals followed by water. It is advisable to take one tablet a day, and you should take it until your allergy symptoms persist. You can stop taking these medications after you stop experiencing the symptoms.


For geriatrics, these medications are usually prescribed for allergies. However, they can also be prescribed for other diseases. It is advisable not to take more than 5 mg of Omnacortil daily. It is enough to cure your ailments.

However, your doctor may advise you to take more, and then you should follow your doctor’s advice. When to take the pill, after lunch or dinner, will be told by the doctor or pharmacist, you should follow as your doctor says.

The medication is in the form of tablets. You are advised to take the tablets after meals and follow them by drinking some water. You should take a single tablet each day. However, your doctor may advise you to take more than one in case you have serious issues.

It is advised that you should stop taking the medications if the symptoms of your allergy start to fade away. Take them as long as the symptoms remain and stop them after they persist.

FOR ADOLESCENT (Between 13 to 18 age group)

Doctors and Physicians generally prescribe this medicine for adolescents who suffer from Allergy or Allergic Reactions. The maximum dose for adolescents for this medicine is 0.14mg.

So adolescents should not consume more of this medicine, if they do so, they might experience side effects. Therefore it is advisable to check your intake and not consume more than 0.14 mg of medicine.

When to take medicine is when, and all will be said to you by the doctor or pharmacist, and you must follow their advice. Taking medicine after meals and a glass of water is suggested.

The medicine is available in tablet form, or as we say in pills, you must swallow one and drink some water afterward. Normally one tablet a day is advised, and do not take more than that. You can contact your doctor or physician for help if you have any doubts or queries.

Once allergy symptoms start to disappear, you can stop consuming the medicines. As long as the symptoms are present, you should consume them. And be regular in consumption and do not miss out on the medicine. If you experience any side effects or feel uneasy, check out the doctor, however, there are negligible chances that such a thing may happen.

FOR SMALL CHILDREN (Between 3 years and 12 years)

Doctors prescribe this medicine for children who are aged between 3 years to 12 years. In case they are allergic to something or develop some allergy. The main cause for prescribing this medicine is allergy.

A heavy dose is not recommended for small children, and they have usually prescribed a light dose. As the body is still growing and has not yet evolved fully, a mild dose of 0.14 mg is advisable. When the medicine should be taken and how long will be decided by the doctor upon examination.

The medication is in tablet form, and you will have to swallow it accompanied by some water. For small children, it can be difficult to swallow a tablet, so be careful then. Usually, a single tablet is enough for small children, and a higher dose is not recommended.

You can stop taking the medications if the symptoms do not show or reduce. If the symptoms are still there, you are advised not to stop taking medicines.

If you have any queries or doubts, you can contact your doctor and resolve them. Doctors may also give you some special advice regarding these pills. As the child is still small, keep them in mind when consuming the pill.


You should keep some precautions in mind before consuming Omnacortil 20. Some people may have side effects, or they need to be extra cautious before taking medicine. We have listed some things you should keep in mind before taking Omnacortil 20 medication.

  • There may be a concern amongst pregnant women about whether it is safe to consume Omnacortil 20 when they are pregnant. However, you should be assured that it is safe for pregnant women to take it. There is no side effect or harm in taking the tablets in case you are pregnant.
  • There may also be concern among nursing women about whether it is safe to consume the tablet or whether it will affect their body, which might also affect the babies. In this case, too, there is no need to worry as it is safe for lactating mothers to take this medication, and there are no such negative effects on the patient.
  • Some people are even concerned that taking this medication will have a negative effect on their kidneys. Some people suffer from Kidney Stones nowadays. And they may be concerned about whether this medicine in any way affects their kidneys or if they are kidney patients and whether it may prove to be harmful to them. Well, the answer to this question is that there is a chance that it may have some negative effects on the kidney. If you are a kidney patient, you may experience some side effects.
  • However, it is not that every kidney patient will experience them. In case you are a kidney patient, tell your doctor about it, and he will advise you what to do. In case you have been prescribed this medication, take it. And in case you experience any side effects, promptly stop consuming them and consult a doctor. However, there is nothing to panic about, so do not panic.
  • Some people may even be concerned about whether this medication in any way affects their liver or have any effect on the liver if they have an issue in the liver. So in case, you are a liver patient make sure you tell the same to your doctor, and if you have been prescribed one, then in case you suffer any side effects stop taking the medications and consult a doctor.
  • In case you are suffering from any other chronic disease or have any existing medical issue, do tell the same to a doctor before taking the medicines. And in case you’re still told by the doctor to take them, you are advised to continue the same. In case you experience any negative effects, you are advised to refrain from taking the medication. Try consulting a doctor if you can.


While there are many benefits and advantages of taking the medication, there may be some side effects as well. While there are fewer chances of experiencing any side effects, we have listed down some side effects that are most popularly experienced by people who take the medication :

  • Reduction in Bone Density
  • Experiencing Stomach Ache
  • Some Behavioral Changes
  • Frequent Mood Changes
  • Some may also experience Weight Gain

In case you experience any such side effects, it is advisable to seek consultations from a doctor and stop taking medicine.

In case you have some allergies before taking the medication, you are advised to tell the same to doctors beforehand about the allergies. Chances are low that you will experience the symptoms, but still, now you know what to do in case you experience any.


Q1.Can we take Omnacortil 20 without consulting a doctor?

A1. It is not advisable to take the medication on your own and without consulting a doctor. Consulting a doctor beforehand will make sure that if you have any allergies or prior health issues, the same is taken care of. So it is highly advised to consult a doctor and then take medicine instead of taking it yourself.

Q2.Is it alright to discontinue the use of Omnacortil 20 without consulting a doctor?

A2. It is not advisable to discontinue any medication without prior consultation with the doctor. If you stop experiencing any symptoms, it is advisable to visit the doctor first and tell him that you have stopped experiencing the symptoms and seek their advice. So do not discontinue the medication without first consulting a doctor.

Q3. Can consume Omnacortil 20 lead to weight gain?

A3. Yes, it has been observed that consuming it leads to weight gain, some patients might experience it while some may not, but normally people have experienced weight gain after taking Omnacortil 20 tablets. However, it doesn’t mean that every person will experience weight gain as some patients have not experienced weight gain.