Antiviral Medicine

Antiviral medicine fights against viral infections and diseases. It also saves us from getting viral infections and viruses spread to others. Antiviral medicine is different from antibiotics.

Viruses are very small infectious bodies. They live and grow only in the living cells of an organism. When a virus enters the cell starts multiplying itself. When one host cell dies it attacks the other cell. And if a virus remains in the cell and does not replicate it means you are contagious. This inactive virus can be active at any time. Viruses do not carry out metabolic processes.

The virus can be spread through;-
Body waste (Poop, Urine, Semen, Blood, Saliva),
Insect bites
Skin to Skin contact

These medicine kills the virus and also suppresses its ability to multiply. Hence controlling its ability to reproduce or replicate.

Many types of anti-viral medicines are available for different types of viral infections. It works to treat viral infections such as;-
Hepatitis B, and hepatitis C
Genital Herpes.

Antiviral medicine helps to treat viral infections. And it also controls the spread to others. It comes in different forms such as eye drop, oral pills, ointments, and injections.
Patients who have a viral infection such as HIV have to take antiviral medicine every day. Your doctor will suggest you the correct dose and duration. So before taking any medicine consult your doctor.

Antiviral medicine reduces the chance of speared the virus to others. The golden drug shop has a wide range of antiviral products. You can buy them online at a reasonable price. We provide worldwide delivery.

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