Antiviral Medicine

Antiviral medicine

Antiviral medicine helps your body fight against viral infections. The drugs are preventive too. Because viruses can cause disease. Antiviral medicine saves you from getting viral infections and also spreading the virus to others.

The antiviral drug also reduces the risk of getting infected. This helps your body to be strong enough to fight against viruses. Antiviral medicine helps fight against the symptoms and shorten the duration of viral infection. These medicines fight the virus that causes infection. These medicines help your body fight viruses that can cause disease.

What are the viruses?

Viruses are very small infectious bodies. Viruses attach their receptor to the host cell. Once they enter the host cell they start making copies of themselves. They live and grow only in the living cells of an organism. Once the host cell dies they attack other healthy cells.

The virus can spread through;-

Body waste such as poop, urine, semen, blood, saliva, etc.
Insect bites
Skin-to-skin contact

The antiviral drug works in many ways, like a block receptor and immune system booster. It also reduces the virus count in the body and suppresses its ability to multiply. Hence controlling its ability to reproduce or replicate.
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