A-Ret gel is a form of Vitamin A. This medication treats acne appearing as pimples or spots on your face, back, or chest. It aids in smoothening the rough skin of your face. It will lower fine wrinkles on your skin. The medication will reduce too much production of oil on your skin. As the doctor recommends, a little application during the night will work best. The amount needed and the duration you must take it will depend on the condition you are getting treated for. Normally wash the affected area. Make it dry before you apply a thin layer of this medication. Follow all instructions given by your doctor. Do not apply it to your damaged or broken skin. It may take many weeks for your symptoms to get improved. Yet you must use it regularly to enjoy the maximum benefit. Tell your doctor if you do not see any improvement in your condition after some weeks. Using more medicine or applying it more frequently than suggested will never make it work any quicker. It may increase a few side effects.

It will make you highly sensitive to sunlight. So you must limit sun exposure if possible. Your skin may become more fragile. Doctors advise not to have any waxing or laser treatment when using this medicine. This can cause some birth defects. So a pregnant woman must be alert. Women planning to become pregnant must consult a doctor before using it.





Applying A-Ret gel to your skin will decrease the production of oil in your skin. The medicine will replenish acne-prone skin. It will help in keeping your pores open. 



It is a form of Vitamin A that aids in treating acne. It clears skin pores. The medicine prevents spots or pimples from appearing. It takes many weeks to see a noticeable effect. So keep on using it even if you feel it is not working. Sometimes acne may become worse before it gets better. Yet, with proper use, your skin will become clearer. The earlier you begin to use it, the less likely you will get scars. It will help in improving your mood. It will uplift your confidence as your skin will become acne-free. Do not use it if you have sunburned skin or eczema.



Q-How should I use A-Ret gel?

It is only for external use. Your doctor will prescribe dosage and duration. Stick to it. Check the label of the medication for directions before using it. Clean and dry your affected area. Then apply the gel. Wash your hands well after applying it unless your hands are affected.


Q-What are its side effects?

Some side effects are common. These are dryness along with irritation. Reddening of the skin happens. These side effects are mild. Medical help is not required for most of its side effects. They improve as your body gets adjusted to this medication. Get help if they keep appearing and you worry about it.

Have plenty of water. Use a moisturizer because it may cause dryness of the eyes, mouth, and lips. Inform your doctor if such side effects bother you or if they do not disappear. Serious side effects with it are rare. 

Q-I forgot to use it. What should I do now?

If you miss any dosage, apply it once you remember it. You can skip any missed dosage if it is time for the next one. Go back to your normal dosage schedule. Try not to double the dosage ever.

Q-Is it safe to use this medication?

Yes. It is safe to use when you take it under a doctor’s prescription. Yet, like all other medicines, it has few side effects. But it is not mandatory for anyone using this medicine to get such side effects. Talk to your doctor if you go through any unpleasant side effects while using this medication.

Q-The medicine is making my lips, nose, and skin dry. How should I manage it?

One of its most common side effects is lips, nose, and skin dryness. It decreases the oil secretion that causes skin dryness. You can manage it by using moisturizers or some lubricants such as Vaseline. You can apply lip balm to relieve dry and cracked lips. Drink enough water. Thus your body will stay hydrated.

Q-I am using A-Ret gel medicine. Can I undergo cosmetic procedures?

Your doctor will decide if you can continue or need to stop using it before cosmetic procedures. Yet it is advised not to undergo hair removal or any laser treatment while using it. Inform your doctor about every medicine you are using before you begin the treatment with this medication. Consult your doctor before you start any cosmetic procedure. 

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