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Acivir Cream 10gm

Acivir 10 mg cream
Acivir 10 mg cream

Acivir Cream 10gm


Product Code      : GP630
Brand Name        : Zovirax
Generic Name     : Acyclovir
Manufacturer      : Cipla
Presentation        : Cream
Delivery Days      : 12-15 working days

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Acivir cream 

Acivir cream is an antivirus drug. It cures conditions of herpes infections. It is a medication used in children suffering from cold sores in the mouth area and to treat chicken pox. In adults, too, it heals the condition called shingles and cold sores in the mouth. The medication stops the growth of bacteria and prevents infections. 

In treatment, Acivir cream 10gm is applied to relieve symptoms of contagious infections. If you have been diagnosed with an infection and it turns out to be herpes or genital herpes, your doctor will prescribe it. It is an effective medication and often stops the reoccurring phases of infection.

How effective is Acivir cream 10gm?

It can be said that this medicine was designed to cure the conditions of herpes. The drug acts and slows down the Herpes virus’ growth. It eventually makes the infection’s symptoms disappear. It supports the individual suffering from herpes to fight the disease. You can look up on the internet to get it with no prescription. Many sites sell good quality medicines at a fair price. If you have a prescription, you opt for herpes treatment with Acivir cream 10mg at an affordable price. 

The drug also heals the symptoms of herpes. These are itching, pain, rashes, etc. It stops the newly forming infections. The medication is a valuable source of treatment for those suffering from herpes or cold sores in the mouth. One of the benefits of using the medicine is that routine treatment of it not only cures the already existing infections. But it prevents their re-occurrence. The drug is for external use. Use it according to the provided guidance to get the best results.


Benefits of using Acivir cream 10gm

Cold sores are a viral infection. They mainly affect the lips. A burning pain, small sores, or blisters are its symptoms. This medicine will enhance the healing of cold sores. It will prevent the recurrence of such sores. Use this medicine as your doctor suggests to enjoy maximum benefit. 


How will it work?

It is an antiviral medicine. It treats skin infections that Herpes simplex virus causes. The treatment works and prevents the virus’s multiplication in the skin cells. It prevents the virus to produce new viruses. It clears up any skin infection.

Things to remember while using Acivir cream 10gm

  • It helps in treating recurrent cold sores.
  • Start the treatment as fast as you can after the onset of signs or symptoms.
  • Take a small amount. Apply it to the affected area 5 times daily.
  • Stick to the instruction your doctor gave.
  • Do not use it in your eyes, nose, mouth, or vagina. The irritation will occur.
  • If it accidentally happens, use water and rinse.
  • Do not use your hands to touch the sores.
  • You must try to avoid any spread of the infection.
  • Tell your doctor if not a single symptom improved after ten days of using it.

Frequently asked questions

Does it react with other medicines?

There are a few interactions of this medicine. They may be causing a few severe side effects. Ensure you become aware of every product you use. It includes cosmetics, non-prescription medications, or herbal products. Inform your doctor if you have any internal health problems. If you face any complications during the treatment, your doctor must know.

Some problems that can be mentioned as the interactions that occur with the drug are kidney problems, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. You might be prescribed the cure for herpes simplex, herpes zoster, or infectious mononucleosis. Some common adverse treatment effects are nausea, irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, and headache. A few less common effects are confusion, dizziness, pain in the abdomen, or ataxia. Be sure to reach out for emergency help if some unusual side effects arise and cause an issue.


Q-How should I use it?

This antiviral drug is generally prescribed for 7-10 days, depending on the infection’s severity. You can use it to see results. Be sure that you receive quality medicines that have the right constituents. 

Consider following the instructions provided by your doctor or that which comes along with the package. 

Clean the affected area. Make it dry. Then apply it. You must thoroughly wash your hands before using them. Once you are done, again wash your hands. 

Do not touch any sore with your hands or a towel. It will stop the infection to spread. 


Q-Does it has any side effects? Should I be careful?

While sometimes the medication goes all good for most people, cases of allergies and adverse reactions are not rare. Immediately contact for help if any allergic signs start breaking out after beginning the dosages. 

You must research the possible adverse effects of other drugs. Check interactions with food, substances, or herbal products. Discuss with your doctor if you are having trouble coping with any of its side effects. It is vital to prevent any serious condition.

Some side effects are confusion, aggression, unstable or shaky feeling, restlessness, rarely hallucinations, digestive problems, rarely seizures or tremors, kidney problems, and fatigue. 

Some common side effects can occur within the first week of starting the doses. These side effects usually fade as the body adjusts to the drug. Rely on your doctor to balance the side effects with its efficiency by gradually decreasing or increasing the doses. 

Burning, itching, and irritation occur. Skin reddening happens at the application site. Do not use the medication in your mouth, eyes, nose, or vagina. It will irritate me. If any accidental exposure takes place, rinse with water. 


Q-What should I do if I do not remember to take Acivir cream?

If you miss any medication dosage, take it when you remember. If you see it is time to apply the next dosage, skip it. Continue using the regular dosage. You should not double any dosage.

Q-Is it safe to use it?

It is safe if you use it in the prescribed dosage and duration. Listen to your doctor. Use it as recommended. Do not skip any dosage. Follow all instructions. Tell your doctor if side effects bother you.



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