Allegra 180 mg is a medicine that cures allergic diseases very easily. Due to increasing allergies, these days various medicines are obtainable for dealing with allergy symptoms. This tablet is very useful to eradicate any type of skin allergy like redness, swelling, itching, etc. This tablet can be taken before meals or after meals. If you ask about the dosage of this medicine then it will depend on your health conditions.
Also, the dosage of this medicine depends on how it reacts to your body. If you have started the medicine then never stop taking this medicine until your doctor suggests it to you. Never stop taking the medicine by yourself as your symptoms may not cure. There are very few side effects of this nasal spray for example sleepiness, dizziness, sickness, headache, etc.
All of the symptoms of this medicine are very mild and can settle as your body gets adjusted to it. Never use this medicine by yourself and always refer to the doctor’s prescription. If you have any existing serious health concerns then should inform your doctor about the same.


Allegra 180 tablets are manufactured to relieve you from sneezing and a runny nose. Some allergic conditions can be serious but this medicine can also cure them. If anyone is suffering from swelling, itching & Redness then they should use this tablet. This medicine can also treat congestion and stuffiness.


This medicine provides you with a quick resolution from various symptoms related to sneezing and itching. You may face very mild side effects. You should follow your daily schedule for taking this tablet. If any person has started to take this tablet to cure their symptoms always follow it regularly without any fail.


This Tablet is a very safe medicine, so there are no severe side effects of it. The side effects of this medicine are very light and you won’t require any medical assistance. These side effects will be invisible by the time. But in case of side effects remain for a long duration then you should visit your doctor on priority. Below mentioned are the few common side-effects of this medicine.


This medicine should only be taken according to the prescription of the Doctor. Never break or crush the tablet and just swallow the tablet at once. You can swallow the tablet before or after your food. Fix a daily schedule to use the medicine at a regular time. Always prefer the dose by a doctor and never change it medicine dose on your own.


This tablet belongs to Antihistamines which is a group to which this medicine belongs. Allegra tablets just stop the release of histamine chemicals which is a big reason for causing hives. This is also the reason for itching, discomfort, and surging.

Safety Advice

As per medical professionals, they can’t make any conclusion as to if this medicine will be effective or not. If you are facing any severe health problem then inform your doctor about the same before starting it. If you are pregnant then you should avoid taking this medicine. Before suggesting the medicine your doctor will inform you about the benefits and risks of it.
In normal circumstances, this tablet won’t affect your ability to drive. Take this medicine under the supervision of doctors if anyone is suffering from Kidney disease.


If anyone had missed their dose of this medicine. Then they should take it on priority when you get to know them. But if your next dose time comes then you should skip the missed dose. After that follow your normal schedule. You should never consume a double dose of medicine.

Should you Buy it or No?

The decision to buy this medicine or not depends on your symptoms. This is considered a very good medicine to cure all allergy-related diseases. Tablet is also available at 180 mg.


Through today’s article, we get to know about a lot of things related to this Tablet. We also learn why this medicine is used and also how we can use it. Apart from it we also understand the pros and cons of this medicine.

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