Allegra 180 mg

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Product Code   : GP098
Brand Name     : Allegra
Generic Name  : Fexofenadine
Presentation     : Tablet/s
Expiry Date       : Nov 2022
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Product Description

Buy Allegra 180 mg 

Allegra 180mg is the best anti-allergic medicine weather it is seasonal allergic reaction, chronic urticaria, hay fever, all can be cured with allegra 180mg. Allegra helps you cope up with the allergy matters and helps you compose over the process and let you decompose over the materials of content and also let you perform and develop their process and help to cure your allergies and this will also keep a part over the curing process.Allegra 180mg Tablet is used for treating various allergic conditions. It helps in curing up with runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, itching, swelling and rashes.

Allegra 180mg Tablet can be consumed with or without food and it’s better to take it in a dose and duration as advised by the doctor. In case, you have missed a dose than it is better to take another one as soon as you remember it. This will help you cure your medicine and will help you react while you are present to take the stag, this reduces the irritation in your body while overcoming through the process and help you work go in flow to respite the flow.

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