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Allegra 30 mg

Allegra – 30 mg
Allegra – 30 mg

Allegra 30 mg


Product Code    : GP196
Brand Name      : Allegra
Generic Name   : Fexofenadine
Presentation     : Tablet/s
Manufacturer   : Sanofi

Delivery time    : 10 working Days

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There are numerous treatments available for treating allergy symptoms. Allegra 30mg is an anti-allergy medicine that cures allergic diseases. Allegra 30mg tablet is very helpful to cure redness, swelling, itching, and other types of skin allergies. This is a medicine that can treat the allergy very easily. This tablet can be taken before food or after food. The dosage of this tablet and the course would be prescribed by your physician.
The dosage of this medicine depends on the condition of your disease and also how it reacts to your body. Never stop taking this medicine until your doctor asks you to do so. Never Interrupt the schedule of this medicine without consulting with the doctor. There are many normal impacts of this medication such as sleepiness, dizziness, sickness, and headache.
These all symptoms are interim and will settle with time. Do not self-medicate this medication. Before beginning to take the medicine, inform the doctor about your health situation.

Uses of Allegra 30mg

Allegra 30mg tablets are created to provide relief from a sneeze and runny nose which happens due to allergies. This medicine can treat some allergic conditions. If you are suffering from any itching, redness, swelling then you can easily consume this tablet. It can also treat congestion and stuffiness.

Benefits Allegra 30mg

This tablet provides timely relaxation from various symptoms of itching and sneezing. This medicine has very common but mild side effects. You can easily follow your daily routine after taking this tablet. If anyone is taking this tablet to prevent symptoms then take it regularly without any fail.

Side Effects Allegra 30mg

This Tablet is a very prudent medicine. Although there are no severe side effects of Allegra. Most of the side effects are very normal and don’t require any medical help This mild side-effect will go away with time. If side effects remain for a longer period then you should consult with your doctor on an immediate basis. The few most common side effects of this medicine are mentioned below.

How to Use Allegra 30mg

You must take this medicine as per the prescription of the Doctor. Don’t try to break or crush the tablet and Swallow the complete tablet at once. You can have this tablet before or after your meals as it depends on you. Maintain a daily scheduler to take the medicine at a fixed time. Take the prescribed dose by a doctor and never increase or decrease on your own.

How does it work?

Antihistamines are a group to which this medicine belongs. Allegra blocks the release of histamine, a chemical that is a major reason for causing inflammation. It is the reason behind itching, discomfort, and surging.

Safety Advice

As per medical specialists, they are not sure if this medicine is comfortable to consume with alcohol. Before starting this medicine just consult your doctor. This medicine is not safe for pregnant ladies. When the doctor suggests you take this medicine, they will also inform you about the benefits and risks.
This tablet generally doesn’t affect your driving ability after taking it. Take this medicine only on the doctor’s suggestions if the patient is already suffering from Kidney problems.

What if you Forget to Take it?

If you missed your regular dose then try to consume it as soon as possible. But if the time of the next dose is very near then leave the missed dose. Then start your normal schedule. Anyhow, never consume a double dose of this medicine.

Should you Buy it or No?

This medicine is known to treat allergy-based diseases. This tablet is available in 30 mg. The dosage of this tablet varies on everyone’s health conditions.


In today’s article, we have learned a lot of things related to Allegra Tablet. As to why this medicine is used and how to use it. We also came to know what are the main advantages of this medicine and also the side effects of this medicine.

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