arzep 10 ml

Arzep – 10 ml

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SKU: Arzep - 10 ml

Product code         :GP765
Generic Name       :Azelastine Hcl
Brand Name          :Astelin
Manufacturer        :German remedies, India
Expiry date           : Nov 2022
Delivery Time       : 10 working Days 


Product Description

Buy Arzep – 10 ml

Arzep made under the recipe of German Remedies, decomposed according to the activation of the substances although helps people to cure these allergies.
This all helps up over a gearing up of the measures made in the entire areas and they will lead in both the reactions and keep the process going in flow.
These tablets help you overcome symptoms such as watery eyes, itching, allergic treatments which can be treated, and reduce these problems.

In case you missed the dosage of Arzep 10ml it’s not a big problem just consume it as soon as you remember that you missed a dosage, although you can skip the dose, don’t take overdose to cover up the skipped dosage.

Symptoms of overdose may include restlessness, confusion.

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