Atorlip 10mg 

Atorlip 10mg consists of Atorvastatin. The drug treats high levels of blood cholesterol and fats or triglycerides. It works by blocking the production of unhealthy fats in the body and preventing the risk of stroke and heart problems. It has a few side effects, such as muscle and stomach pain, weakness, and nausea. They are mild and may go away on their own. Tell your doctor if such side effects last for a long duration or become worse. Use it as mentioned by your doctor.

Never take more than the prescribed dosage. A doctor will suggest tests for regularly monitoring your lipid profile to ensure it is working well. It is not suggested for use if you are allergic to it. People with liver issues should avoid using it. Do not take it if you have diabetes, kidney problems, or hypothyroidism. Let your doctor know if you are using other drugs because they may interact with Atorlip 10mg and cause severe effects. It is not prescribed for use in kids below ten years of age. This is because the safety and efficacy data is unavailable.


It blocks an enzyme required in your body to make cholesterol. HMG-CoA-reductase is the enzyme. The medicine reduces LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides. So the good cholesterol or HDL level is raised.


Treatment of high cholesterol levels in your blood: It is a condition known as hypercholesterolemia. It happens because of increased levels of cholesterol in your blood. It is known as primary cholesterolemia if the level is more than 250mg/dl. The medicine is used for reducing abnormally high cholesterol levels in your blood, thus reducing heart attack risks.

Treatment of Hyperlipidaemia: A condition that occurs because of a high level of LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood. It may increase the risk of heart problems because of fat and cholesterol build-up and other substances in the blood vessels. Medicine is used to treat this condition.

Prevention of stroke and heart attack: Obstruction may occur in the blood flow due to high fat and blood cholesterol levels in your blood vessels. It will cause a stroke. A heart attack may also occur. This medicine is used for preventing stroke and heart attack.


  • This medicine is safe. Diarrhea or stomach upset may occur. If it happens, have some food while taking it.
  • If you experience muscle pain or weakness and fatigue, tell your doctor.
  • Your doctor will check your liver function before beginning the treatment and regularly after that.
  • Tell him if you see any signs of liver problems. These are pain in the stomach, yellowing of eyes or skin, and unusually dark urine.
  • Your doctor must be aware if you have liver and kidney disease. If you are diabetic, tell your doctor before beginning this treatment. Monitor your level of blood glucose regularly, as this medicine can cause an increase in the level of your blood glucose.
  • You may be pregnant or breastfeeding. So do not take it.
  • Women who are planning to be pregnant must also not take this medicine.


Can I use Atorlip 10mg to lower cholesterol?

The medicine lowers lipid or fat levels. It is used to reduce lipids called triglycerides and cholesterol in your blood when a low-fat diet and lifestyle changes are unable to lower it. If you are at an increased heart disease risk, this medicine can be used to decrease such risk even if your cholesterol levels are normal. You must maintain a standard cholesterol-reducing diet during this treatment.

Is tAtorlip 10mg a blood thinner?

This medicine is not a blood thinner. It is a medication that lowers cholesterol. It slows down cholesterol production in your body. It further reduces the cholesterol amount that may be building up on the walls of your arteries and blocks blood flow to other body parts. Reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels will prevent the chances of a heart attack and stroke.

I am taking it. For how long should I take it? Is it recommended for long-term use?

You may require taking this medicine life-long, or for the time your doctor prescribes. The pros will only continue for as long as you use it. If you quit taking it without starting another treatment, your cholesterol levels may rise again. The medicine is considered to be safe. It has a few side effects if you take it as told by your doctor.

Will Atorlip 10mg cause loss of memory?

Memory loss may take place rarely. It is non-serious. It may occur as early as one day or may take some years to appear. Such symptoms may fade away within nearly three weeks of quitting the medicine. Yet you must take medical help if you experience this side effect because it could be for any other reason.

I am taking this medicine. Will it cause an increase in my diabetes risk?

If you are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes, using this medicine may slightly increase this risk. It is because it can increase your blood glucose a little. If you already have type 2 diabetes, your doctor may advise closely monitoring your blood glucose levels for the first few months. Inform your doctor if you find it challenging to control your blood glucose.

Is it prescribed to kids?

The medicine is for adults. Doctors prescribe it to kids aged ten years or above whose cholesterol levels do not get lowered enough with a low-fat diet and exercise. It is not approved for use in people aged below ten years.

When should I not take it?

If you have muscle weakness and joint pain, you should not take this medicine. Your doctor will check if you have hypothyroidism, diabetes, or kidney or liver disease. He will not recommend using it if you get affected by any of these conditions. People with high or low levels of potassium or very low blood pressure and uncontrolled epilepsy should not take it.

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