Azithral 250mg

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Product Code   : GP176
Generic Name  : Azithromycin
Brand Name     : Zithromax
Manufacture    : Alembic
Expiry Date      : January, 2022
Presentation    : pills (blister)
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Product Description

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Azithral 250mg tablet is utilized to bacterial contamination, for example,
bronchitis, tonsillitis , pneumonia, transmitted maladies, sinusitis, otitis media
(disease of the center ear) . It has the benefit of once – day by day dosing. This
medication is not suggested for use if there should be an occurrence of a typical
cold, influenza or other viral diseases since it is dynamic against contamination
brought about by micro organisms as it were.
Instructions to utilize : Take Azithral 250 mg tablet orally with or without
nourishment. On the off chance that stomach upsets take it with nourishment.
Unimportant use can make resistency microbes. Utilize this medicine for full time
allotment as prescribed by your primary care physician.

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