Bigomet 250 mg

Bigomet 250 mg

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Product Code   : GP193
Generic Name  : Metformin Hcl
Brand Name     : Glucophage
Manufacture     : Otsira
Presentation     : pills (blister)
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Product Description

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Bigomet tablet is utilized to lessen the high glucose level because of ill-advised creation or utilization of insulin in the body (likewise called, type-2 diabetes mellitus). It works by bringing down the measure of glucose in the body. It likewise expands the reaction of the body to insulin.It may likewise be utilized together with different meds to regard certain conditions as prescribed by the specialist. It is utilized in blend with sulphonylureas to bring down the absolute cholesterol levels in the blood and may expand the danger of low glucose level.

How to utilized-
Pursue bearings on the item mark, information guide and provided by your doctor  before using Bigomet. Expand this prescription according to your primary care physician’s guidelines.

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