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Cardivas 12.5 mg is a medicine that treats high blood pressure and chest pain related to heart and heart failure. The medication relaxes the blood vessels. So blood will easily flow into your heart. Reducing blood pressure helps prevent stroke and heart attacks. It should be taken with some food. Your doctor will be prescribing the dosage and duration of it. It is vital to use it even if you become well or can control blood pressure. Do not stop taking the medicine without consulting your doctor, as your condition may become worse. 

Make some lifestyle changes. It will aid in improving your condition. It includes losing weight, regular exercise, quitting smoking, lowering your intake of alcohol, and reducing salt in your diet. Your doctor will prescribe it. It is tolerated well by most people. But it may cause some side effects. Dizziness, tiredness, and headache are seen in many. If these side effects do not fade and bother you, inform your doctor.  Before you take it, tell your doctor if you have heart and kidney disease. Pregnant women or mothers who breastfeed should consult a doctor before taking this medication.


It is an alpha and beta blocker. The medicine works by reducing the heart rate and relaxing blood vessels. It makes the heart highly efficient at pumping blood around the body.


The medicine blocks the effects of some chemicals on your blood vessels and heart. It lowers the heart rate. It helps the heart to beat with less pressure. The medicine lowers blood pressure and aids in reducing any risk of stroke, heart attack, or other heart or kidney issues. It must be taken regularly to make it effective. So take it even if you feel well. It relaxes the blood vessels. Thus blood can flow very easily around your body and ensure that your heart gets a good oxygen supply. Therefore less likely you may suffer from chest pain due to angina. It can help increase exercise and make your everyday life easier by lowering the frequency of angina attacks. You should take the medicine regularly as long as your doctor asks you to take it. Thus it will work effectively.

Heart failure means your heart is weak. It will be unable to pump sufficient blood to your lungs and the rest of the body. Breathlessness and tiredness are the most common symptoms. Swollen ankles, legs, abdomen, and other body parts are seen. Your heart will pump blood around the body with ease. So it is effective in heart failure treatment.

It will help in relieving your symptoms. You will feel good and energetic. It would help if you made suitable lifestyle changes like healthy eating and staying active. It will make this medicine effective. Take it regularly and continue taking it under your doctor’s advice, even if you feel better.


  • Take it with food if your doctor tells you.
  • Regularly check your blood pressure after you start taking it. If your condition improves, inform your doctor.
  • It may cause sleepiness or dizziness. Do not drive or do any work that needs concentration until you know how it impacts you.
  • Do not drink alcohol while using it. It is because it may make the side effects worse.
  • Please do not take it suddenly because it can suddenly cause a rise in your blood pressure. So it will increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.


Q-Can Cardivas 12.5 mg cause kidney failure?

Use the medicine in patients having heart failure. It can rarely cause kidney function deterioration. Yet it may cause kidney failure risk in patients with low blood pressure and patients having heart disease or hardened arteries. People had already impaired kidney function are also at risk. These patients must be closely monitored during this treatment. Kidney functions become normal when this medicine is stopped.

Q-I am diabetic. Can I take Cardivas 12.5 mg?

Yes. Diabetic patients can take it. But you need to check your blood sugar level regularly. It is seen that in properly controlled diabetic people with mild or moderate hypertension, this medicine did not cause any impact on levels of blood sugar. But it is vital to know that using this medicine may hide the hypoglycemia symptoms, mainly an increased palpitation or heartbeat. It may cause hyperglycemia to worsen in people with heart failure and diabetes. So it is suggested that blood sugar be monitored while starting, adjusting, and discontinuing its dosage. Any change may occur in blood sugar levels while using this medicine. Tell your doctor about it.

Q-Should I use this medicine?

The medicine must be avoided in people having severe heart failure. People hospitalized in the intensive care unit or needing some intravenous drugs that aid in supporting circulation should not use this medicine. The doctor will not give it if you are prone to asthma or some breathing problems, have an irregular or slow heartbeat, has liver problems, or have any allergy to it.

Q-Can I use Cardivas 12.5 mg on an empty stomach?

Doctors recommend taking it with food. It is because food lowers the rate at which this medication gets absorbed by your body. It will help in reducing the chances of orthostatic hypotension. Low blood pressure can cause fainting or dizziness when you stand up.

Q-I stopped to take it. What will happen?

It must be taken regularly as mentioned by your doctor. If you suddenly stop it, it will cause pain in your chest or a heart attack. Your doctor may reduce the dosage slowly over a period before pausing it entirely if needed.

Q-Can it causes weight gain?

Yes. A common side effect of it is weight gain. Yet it does not take place for everyone. If you are using it for heart failure, inform your doctor if you gain weight or face trouble breathing. This is because it may be a sign of retention of fluid.

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