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Foracort Rotacaps – 400 mcg + 6 mcg

Foracort Rotacaps 400 mcg
Foracort Rotacaps 400 mcg

Foracort Rotacaps – 400 mcg + 6 mcg


Product Code       : GP5040
Generic Name      : Formoterol+Budesonide
Brand Name         : Symbicort Rotacaps
Manufacture        : Cipla Ltd.
Presentation        : Rota Caps
Delivery Days      : 10-12 working days

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Foracort Rotacaps  400 mcg + 6 mcg

Foracort Rotacaps  400 mcg + 6 mcg is a very effective medicine that is used for treating the symptoms of COPD and Asthma. The first important point that you need to understand before you understand medicine is, that these two are different respiratory disorders with some similar symptoms. And this medicine is going to help in handling those symptoms. There is no permanent cure available for Asthma and COPD. But as long as you are able to keep the symptoms under control, you can make your breathing easy and live a very normal life. Asthma triggers can be high when you expose yourself to those factors that cause asthma. But, even due to your daily routine activities, asthma may be triggered. So, that is due to the symptoms of asthma like coughing and wheezing. If you are able to control those, then you are normal. 

Foracort Rotacaps  400 mcg + 6 mcg is a daily use medication and not something like the quick-relief inhaler, which is used only during an asthma attack. This has to be taken every day and never stop using it. 


How does the rotacap work on the human body?

When the airways become narrow, people with asthma face difficulty in breathing. This will happen due to inflammation, excess mucus production, and blocked or narrowed airways. A naturally produced chemical messenger in the human body will cause all these symptoms and hence people have asthma attacks. But when you take or inhale Foracort Rotacaps  400 mcg + 6 mcgthis chemical is inhibited. 

This medicine contains Budesonide and Formoterol. Budesonide will work like a steroid and help in the controlling or reduction of inflammation. Formoterol will act like a bronchodilator. The muscles in the airways will be relaxed with this medicine. So, now the person can breathe with ease and comfort. 


How to get started with Foracort Rotacaps  400 mcg + 6 mcg?

Rotacaps will be used with the rotahaler. A rotahaler is very much similar to an inhaler but you need not have to press any buttons or anything to use this. Foracort Rotacaps  400 mcg + 6 mcg is a capsule and you need to inhale that with a rotahaler. In the capsule chamber, you need to keep the capsule. Now twist the mouthpiece tightly to hear a click sound. Once you hear the sound, it is ready to use. Place the mouthpiece between the lips and hold tightly. Inhaler from your mouth and take a deep breath. Remove the rotahaler and then exhale from your mouth after ten seconds. Holding the breath for a few seconds will be very helpful for the medicine to work better. 

You need to take Foracort Rotacaps  400 mcg + 6 mcg daily and as per the prescription given to you. Make sure to fix a routine for its usage and take the medication every day at the same time. That way, the medicine will start showing full effect in a short time. 


Precautions while using these rotacaps:

Try to follow these simple precautions while using Foracort Rotacaps  400 mcg + 6 mcg:

  • You should always use the medicine only as prescribed by the doctor. 
  • Make sure that you are washing your mouth after every use. This medicine will make the mouth dry and hence it is important to clean and keep it hydrated. 
  • If you using other medications as a controller for asthma, then avoid using this without consulting a doctor. 
  • Increasing the dosage does not provide any extra effects on your body. Rather you may face some side effects with it. 
  • Check out the complete list of ingredients in the medicine to stay from any allergic reactions, if you have. 
  • There will be mild side effects that fade off in a few days. But do not neglect them if they are severe or they last for a long period. 
  • Proper storage is very important for medicine, especially for medicines that treat sensitive conditions. So, make sure you read all the storage instructions on the leaflet. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q-Is it ok for anyone to use Foracort Rotacaps  400 mcg + 6 mcg?

This is a very safe medicine and can be used by anyone but it is always good if you use it after consulting the doctor. 


Q-Is this medicine good for kids?

Depending on age and other factors, the doctor decides the dose and medicine. So, consult your doctor before using it for kids. 


Q-Can I get this medicine online?

Yes, this medicine is easily available online. You can buy it at a very cheaper price from online stores. 


Foracort Rotacaps  400 mcg + 6 mcg is a great choice if you are looking for a safe and best controller for asthma attacks






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