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Product Code : VC385
Generic Name : Metformin + Glimepiride
Brand Name : Glycomet GP 2
Manufacture : US Vitamin
Presentation : pills (blister)
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Product Description

Buy GLYCOMET GP(500+2)MG Online

Glycomet GP 2 tablet is utilized to treat type-2 diabetes which diminishes or control hyperglycemia (high glucose levels in the blood). This prescription may likewise be utilized with different medications as a blend treatment. The medication further avoids visual deficiency, kidney harm, nerve issues, loss of appendages, and different issues brought about by type-2 diabetes. Be that as it may, the utilization referenced here are not thorough. There might be different conditions for which this medication might be utilized upon specialist’s discretion. The dynamic elements of Glycomet GP 2 tablet are Glimepiride 2mg and Metformin 500mg.


Try not to surpass the portion recommended by your primary care physician.Gulp down Glycomet GP2 tablet, following opening the tablet from the strip. Try not to break/cut/bite the tablet entirety.
Abstain from missing a portion. In the event that you do, accept it when you recollect; yet on the off chance that it is the ideal opportunity for your next portion, skip it and take it as per your typical calendar. Try not to devour two doses  simultaneously which is hazardous to your well being.

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