Ipravent Rotacaps – 40 mcg

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SKU: Ipravent Rotacaps – 40 mcg

Product Code       : GP0653
Generic Name      : Ipratropium Bromide
Brand Name         : Atrovent
Manufacture        : Cipla
Expiry Date          : December, 2020
Presentation        : Rotacaps
Delivery Days      : 10 working days

Product Description

Buy Ipravent Rotacaps – 40 mcg Online

Ipravent Rotacaps is used for the treatment of chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD) as well as in the treatment of asthma.

IpraventRotacap is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Nasal cavity blockage, Inflammation of mucous membrane, asthma, emphysema (a serious condition that makes breathing difficult), and chronic obstructive bronchitis.

IpraventRotacaps contains Ipratropium Bromide as an active ingredient.

You can buy IpraventRotacaps 40 mcg Online in USA through Goldendrugshop which works by relaxing muscles of the air passages thereby increasing the flow of air to the lungs and hence improving breathing in people suffering from asthma and other breathing difficulties.

You must not useIpraventrotacaps or Ipratropium Bromide medication if you are allergic to ipratropium or atropine and only use them as advised by your doctor.

Some of the common side effects of this medication may lead to blurred vision and impaired thinking, concentrating capability, headache, runny nose, backache,sinus pain, cough, nausea; upset stomach; constipation; fever; chills.Goldendrugshop provides IpraventRotacaps 40 mcg at a very competitive price when you buy online through us.

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