Januvia 100 mg Tablet helps treat type 2 diabetes mellitus. This tablet when used with a balanced diet and daily exercise can help manage blood sugar levels. Also, you can prevent the complications that occur due to diabetes like blindness or kidney damage.

When it becomes difficult to manage your diabetes only through exercise and proper diet, the doctor would prescribe you this tablet. The dialectologist may recommend this tablet with other diabetes medications or sometimes alone.

You can take this tablet with food. Also, you can take it empty stomach. Your dialectologist would suggest the relevant dose to manage your blood glucose levels. So, take it as prescribed by your diabetologist.

Take the tablet regularly. It will be you get more benefits. Ask your dialectologist before you stop this medication. This tablet is helpful to keep your blood sugar levels in a normal range. It helps avoid further complications of diabetes. The diabetologist will suggest you an exercise schedule and diet chart. Follow his instructions to ensure the blood sugar levels are in control.

One of the common side effects of this tablet can be reduced blood sugar levels. This side effect can occur if you are taking this tablet with other diabetes medicines. For example insulin/sulfonylurea. Learn how to combat this side effect. As a side effect of this tablet, you may also notice other side effects like cold, sore throat, etc.


Before you start with this tablet inform your diabetologist if you have or had the following diseases

  • Kidney disease
  • Problems related to the pancreas
  • Heart problems
  • Alcohol addiction

If you are a nursing mother or pregnant woman, speak to the physician before taking this tablet. Also, tell your diabetologist if you are taking other medicines. As the medicines can interact with this tablet, you need to inform the doctor about all the medicines beforehand.

Try to cut down the intake of alcohol while taking this tablet. It can lower the levels of blood glucose. A regular test is a must to test kidney function and levels of blood sugar. It will help you know whether this tablet is working fine for you.


Treats Type 2 diabetes mellitus


This tablet helps increase the insulin levels in the body(produced by the body post meals) and prevents the body from producing excess glucose in the blood.

This tablet helps you maintain normal blood sugar levels and lead a fit and healthy life. To improve your health and manage diabetes well, make sure you exercise regularly.


Common side effects

  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Infection of nasal passages & throat
  • A low blood glucose level
  • Cough
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Vomiting

The side effects mentioned above will go after some time. You don’t need medical help on an emergency basis. If these side effects get worse, speak to your diabetologist.


 Q-Can I experience weight gain after taking this tablet?

No. This tablet will not lead to weight gain if used alone. Still, as a diabetic person, weight management is important. If you notice weight gain after using this tablet, you can speak to your diabetologist.

Q-Is the consumption of this tablet not good for the kidneys?

No. This tablet wouldn’t cause any harm to kidney function (if your kidneys are working fine) Well if you have any problems related to the kidney, speak to your diabetologist. He may make some dose adjustments.

Q-Do I need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise even during treatment(using this tablet)?

Yes. A healthy diet and regular exercise are a must even when you are taking this tablet. Apart from this tablet, eating healthy will help you remain active and control blood sugar levels.

If you are not sure about the kind of diet you need to take, seek consultation from a dietitian. He may help you prepare a diet chart that helps you eat healthy meals. Make sure you take a brisk walk for a minimum of half an hour.

Q-Can this tablet be taken in the long run? Would it be safe?

Yes, the tablet is safe for use for a long time. It can be taken for several months, years, or lifelong. You will not notice any adverse effects. You need to take it as per the doctor’s advice. It will help keep the blood sugar levels in control.

Q-How long do I need to consume this tablet?

You should continue taking this tablet for the duration suggested by the diabetologist. Based on your blood sugar levels you may have to take it for years or even lifelong.

Q-Can I stop taking this tablet on my own?

No. Do not discontinue the consumption of this tablet without asking your diabetologist.  It can result in complications. Also, tell your diabetologist if you have a medical history of heart, kidney related issues. It will allow him to prescribe you the dose that suits you.

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