Small sores appear within the mouth and they can be very painful. These sores are called mouth ulcers. They are small and round or oval in shape. The sores are painful and very uncomfortable as well. These sores are red, white, gray, or yellow in color. Sores can appear inside the lips, gums, tongue, or even on the upper side of the mouth. The pain increased when you eat, talk, drink or brush your teeth. Most of the time they do not cause any pain during the early stage. If the mouth ulcer is cured at an early stage, then you will not experience any pain. Kenacort Cream is one of the best medications used for treating mouth ulcers. 

There is no specific reason why a mouth ulcer is caused. Sensitivities, allergies, and injuries can be major causes of it. Dental braces and oral bacterial infection can also be caused. Fungal and viral may also be a cause of mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcer is completely different from cold sores, and it is important to understand the difference to treat them right. If you are unable to make out the difference, getting in touch with the doctor can be helpful. Kenacort Cream is a cream used for mouth ulcer treatment. You will be able to see quick results when you apply the cream to the affected area. 


Triamcinolone is the main ingredient of this medicinal cream. This ingredient belongs to the steroid category. Some chemical messengers that are produced naturally by the human body will cause redness or inflammation of the small sores. With the help of this Kenacort Cream, the production of these messengers is blocked. This will reduce the pain and inflammation. You apply a layer of this cream to the affected area. As the mouth is wet, this cream easily sticks to the wet area of your mouth and acts like a protective layer on the sores. So, the pain and discomfort will be reduced. The sores are not uncomfortable, but the pain. Pain will be relieved for sure.


This medicine Kenacort is available in many different forms like nasal spray, tablets, injections, toothpaste, and cream. Here we are talking about Kenacort Cream. The affected are where you apply should be cleaned well. As this is for mouth ulcers, make sure to wash your mouth first. Now apply a very thin layer of the cream to the affected area. Make sure that the hands are clean while applying. Wash your hands before you apply this paste and even after you are done applying. One important thing to keep in mind is you need to apply only the dose that your doctor suggests to you. You cannot apply more or less than the required dose. Only the right dose gives the best results. 

Some quick tips:

For those who are using Kenacort Cream, here are some helpful quick tips. With the help of these tips you can get the best out of the cream:

  • Use this ointment or cream only when your doctor suggests it. 
  • You need to apply the cream only on the affected area and not the entire mouth or lips. 
  • Do not prick the sores with the nails while applying the cream. 
  • Make sure that your fingers are clean while you apply the cream. 
  • Never apply cream to eyes. If it gets into the eyes by mistake, you need to rinse them off immediately.
  • Do not use any other creams or ointments above this cream for treating mouth ulcers. 
  • You should only apply the cream and leave. Do not rub while applying the cream. 
  • This medicine should be used at least for one week. If you don’t find it working even after one week, you need to talk to the doctor immediately. 


Some mild side effects may be seen with the use of this medicine. They don’t cause any major problems and will not need any medical attention. So, the side effects that you might experience are:

  • Slight irritation at the spot of application
  • Headache
  • Infection may increase


Kenacort Cream will be suggested by most doctors and hence it is easily available at drug stores. You can buy it from both online drug stores and at the stores near you. It is the right place if you want the best quality medicine. Some money can be saved if you are buying it online. You can easily place an order for medicine from anywhere. It will be delivered to your doorsteps. You can easily get this cream from online drug stores. 


Q-Can I eat food while I apply the cream?

You can eat after some time of applying the cream or eat before you apply the cream. 

Q-Can pregnant women use this cream for mouth ulcers?

Yes, Kenacort Cream is considered to be safe for pregnant women. It is still safe to have a work with the GP.

Q-What is the right time to use this cream?

There is no best time for applying the cream. Based on the instructions given by your doctor, you will have to start using it. 

Q-Can I use other tablets along with this cream to get rid of a mouth ulcer?

Yes, you can use any other kind of medicine but no other creams above this ulcer cream.

A mouth ulcer is a minor condition and can be seen in anyone. There are no major causes for it. Also, there are no major complications due to it. As long as you apply Kenacort Cream as per the instructions of your doctor or general physician, you are safe. You can easily get rid of the discomfort and pain these small sores can cause you. Just remember to buy the right medicine. 

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