Kenacort Cream – 0.1%

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Product Code     : GP341
Brand Name       : Kenacort
Generic Name    : Triamcinolone Acetonide
Manufacturer     : Nicholas Piramal

Presentation       : Tube
Expiry Date         : Nov 2022
Delivery time      : 10 working Days


Product Description

Kenacort Cream – 0.1%

Kenacort Cream falls under the classification of drugs which is known as corticosteroids. Kenacort Cream is used for the treatment of a number of conditions such as arthritis, skin disorders, allergic disorders, mouth inflammation and mouth ulcers. It protects to maintain the release of inflammation causing chemicals, substances in the human body culture. 

Kenacort Cream is used to protect your skin from disorders, redness, itching and swelling which may be followed by various skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis.

Kenacort Cream should be used with caution by keeping an eye on the patients with diabetes and liver and kidney diseases.

Side Effects of Kenacort Cream
Application Site Irritation, Contact Dermatitis, Irritation, Skin Itching,
Kenacort Cream can treat the following behaviours:
 Mouth Ulcers
 Ulcerative Colitis
 In case there is any unstated side effects immediately look over for medical help.

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