Latanoprost eye drops help treat some types of glaucoma. it is also useful in treating a condition known as hypertension of the eye alone. Also, along with other medications, this eye drop helps reduce pressure in your eye that occurs due to ocular hypertension of open-angle glaucoma.

This eye drop increases the flow of fluid from your eyes. It reduces the pressure built up in the eye. If you do not treat the high pressure that develops in the eyes, it can harm the optic nerve resulting in blindness or vision loss.

You can buy this eye drop only with a prescription. It is available in the form of eye drops in bottles (with preservatives) or single-dose droppers that are free of preservatives. The dosage forms for this medicine are

  • Emulsion
  • Solution

What are the conditions treated by this medicine and how it works?


This eye drop reduces the high pressure developed in your eyes. This high pressure can result in an eye condition called glaucoma. When the pressure in your eye increases; it can harm your eyesight.

This medication helps the proper flow of fluid within the eye into the bloodstream. You can use this medicine alone or in combination with other eye drops.

Do not use the eye drop frequently as it can reduce their efficacy. You can use Latanoprost eye drops in the problematic eye regularly as per the dosage prescribed by your eye specialist.

If you discontinue using this eye drop, you will not be able to manage the high pressure in your eyes which can result in vision loss.

Ocular hypertension

This eye drop reduces the pressure built in your eyes. It promotes the proper flow of fluid in your eyes to your bloodstream and reduces elevated eye pressure.

Your vision can be affected if the pressure in your eyes increases. Use this eye drop only in the eye that is affected as per the eye doctor’s advice. Do not discontinue using the eye drops as they will not control the eye pressure effectively.

Important facts

  • You should use this eye drop once a day.
  • The eye drops will reduce the high pressure in the eyes in three to four hours.
  • Changes in eye color, eyelash growth, and more sensitivity to light are some common side effects of these eye drops.
  • Use the eye drops regularly, visit the clink for regular eye check-ups, and ensure that your vision is not affected.
  • After you open the eye drop bottle, it will last for 4 weeks. If you are using a single-dose dropper, discard it immediately after use.

How & when to use this eye drop?

You should use this eye drop as per the advice of your eye specialist.


The normal dose for children & adults is one drop into the problematic eye/eyes once a day.

To get maximum benefits of this eye drop, use this eye drop every day.

If you forget the dose

If you forget the dose as per schedule, skip it and use the next dose in line as per the schedule.

Do not use double doses of this eye drop at once. Do not use additional doses to cover up the missed dose. If you tend to miss doses often, you can set an alarm as a reminder. You can check with your doctor for other methods to remember to take medicines on time.

If you overdose

If you use the eye drops in excess, it can cause eye irritation, redness in the eyes, or watery eyes. If you put Latanoprost eye drops in excess in your eye, use water to rinse it off immediately. Avoid putting more drops until your next dose.

If you notice redness, watering, or irritation in your eyes, it should resolve in some time. If you are worried, get in touch with your eye specialist or pharmacist.

What is the correct method to use this eye drop?

Try to put the eye drops during evening hours as these eye drops work better during the evening.

If you are using contact lenses, ensure that you remove them before you use this eye drop. Leave a gap of nearly 15 minutes after putting the drops and then wear your contact lenses again.

  1. Washing hands is mandatory.
  2. Remove the lid of the bottle (if using a bottle). If using a single-use dropper, twist the tip.
  3. Pull down the lower eyelid using your finger and bend your head back.
  4. Ensure that the eye dropper’s tip should not touch the eyelid, eyelashes, or eye.
  5. Now, hold the bottle’s dropper above one eye and squeeze the eye drop bottle gently to drop one drop into your eye.
  6. Next, release the lower eyelid and then close your eye. Slowly press your finger above & inside the corner of your eye for a minute. It will help hold the drops in your eye.
  7. You can wipe off the extra liquid using a tissue.
  8. Now, repeat the same steps for the other eye if the eye specialist has asked you to.
  9. Now, place the cap on the eye drop bottle to cover it. If using a single-dose dropper, discard off.

If you are using Latanoprost eye drops with other eye drops, you should wait for a minimum of 5 minutes before you put the other eye medication. The other eye drops can wash out this eye drop and it might not work well.

Side effects

  • Eye pain/stinging
  • Reduced vision
  • The irritation can be painful (in the front part of your eye)
  • Redness/swelling of eye & eyelid lining

Instructions about expiry dates

These eye drops should be used before it reaches the expiry date as mentioned on the bottle. Use these eye drops within four weeks after you open the bottle. It will help you avoid eye infection risks and get maximum benefits from the eye drops.

If you are using single-dose droppers, they are available in sachets. So, once you open the packet, use the droppers within ten days. Avoid using it on a post-expiry date.

How long I can use these eye drops?

You can use these eye drops for a lifetime. If the eye drops don’t work well for you, your eye specialist may suggest an additional or alternative treatment.

Using these eye drops regularly is important. Also, you need to visit the doctor for regular eye check-ups so that your eyesight doesn’t get worse.

If you discontinue using these eye drops, the pressure in your eyes may elevate again. So, speak to your pharmacist or eye specialist before you stop using it.

Who can use these eye drops?

Most children, adults including babies are the ideal candidates to use these eye drops.

Who cannot use these eye drops?

These eye drops are not advisable for some people. So, to ensure that the medicine is safe for you, speak to your eye specialist before using these eye drops especially if you:

  • Have/had eye surgery or planning for an eye surgery
  • Had/have an allergic reaction to this eye drop or other medications
  • Suffering from eye problems like eye irritation, pain, infection, dry eyes, or blurred vision.
  • Have uncontrolled asthma or have serious asthma
  • Using contact lenses. You can use this eye drop even if you are using contact lenses. You just need to remove them before putting these eye drops.
  • Have/had a viral eye infection that occurs due to HSV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Latanoprost eye drops make my heart issues worse?

It happens in rare cases that a side effect of these eye drops can result in fast heartbeats or chest pain. If you are a heart patient suffering from atrial fibrillation, there is no evidence of these eye drops making it severe.

Do I need to avoid any drinks or food with these eye drops?

You can drink and eat almost everything while using these eye drops.

Do these eye drops give rise to any changes in my eye?

These eye drops can result in a slow change in eye color. The color change may be visible if you put this medication in one eye only. There are no other visible problems related to a change in eye color and the color change will not remain after you stop using these eye drops.

Can other eye drops be used with these eye drops?

If you are using other eye drops, take a break of five minutes before using other eye drops. Tell your eye doctor about other medicine you are using as they can intervene with the functioning of these eye drops.

How long do I need to keep my eyes closed after putting these eye drops?

After putting these eye drops, close your eyes for a minimum of two to three minutes so that these drops don’t spill over the eyes and get absorbed in your eye properly.

Do I need to store these eye drops in the fridge?

Yes. You can store the unopened bottle in the fridge at 2° to 8°C. After you open the bottle to start using it, you can store it at room temperature at 25°C for not more than 6 weeks.

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