Montair – 10mg

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Product Code   : GP346
Brand Name     : Singulair
Generic Name  : Montelukast Sodium
Presentation     : Tablet/s
Expiry Date       : nov 2022
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Product Description

Montair 10mg

Montair 10 MG tablets are used to keep you safe in order to stay free from all behaviours such as hay fever, asthma, vocational allergies and seasonal allergies also it looks upon to prevent from breathing problems, Asthma attacks caused due to physical workout and sudden narrowing of airways.

Montair 10 MG tablet mechanism is somehow like it blocks the formation of certain chemicals in the human body organ that are the lungs which prevents swelling of muscles in airways.
Unless and until you haven’t read the ingredients used in the medicine and the chemicals into it are present and what is the reaction of those ingredients you should not take Montair 10mg tablets. 

Montair 10 MG tablets are not to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women not to consume unless it’s not necessary and preferably needed.
Before taking Montair, it’s necessary to consult the doctor to avoid risk which may cause any sort of allergic reactions.

Side Effects of Montair 10 MG Tablet include hay fever, cough, watery eyes, sore throat, stomach ache, etc.
In case there is any unstated side effects immediately look over for medical help. 

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