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Naltima 50mg

Naltima 50 mg
Naltima 50 mg

Naltima 50mg


Product Code   : GP599
Generic Name  : Naltrexone Hcl.
Brand Name     : Depade
Manufacture    : Intas
Presentation    : pills (blister)
Delivery Days  : 10 working days
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NALTIMA 50MG is part of a drug group called opioid antagonists. It works in the treatment of phycological issues, for instance, opioid-like morphine, codeine, heroin, and alcohol dependence. And it is also working as supportive therapy in maintaining self-denial in alcohol-addictive patients.

Naltrexone attempts to reduce the impacts of narcotic medications or liquor in the mind with the goal that patients will presently don’t feel the sensation of joy that they used to encounter before taking narcotics. That is how this medication helps in limiting the desire to drink liquor. But it won’t limit the impacts of liquor that you have burned through as of now. To begin treatment of this medicine first try to stop narcotics for an extensive stretch.


NALTIMA 50MG treatment might keep going for 90 days or more depending upon your ailment. But if you notice that the impact of this medicine is excessively feeble call your doctor. Alongside the treatment of this medicine, your doctor might recommend you to follow a solid eating regimen. Get rest, search for new leisure activities, and also control feelings of anxiety by picking yoga or relaxation. And also try to abstain from smoking and liquor admission while taking treatment of Naltima 50mg.

Take it as prompted by your health expert. Swallow the medicine for what it’s worth with water. Try not to attempt to break or bite the tablet. A few most common side effects of this medicine such as sickness, retching, uneasiness, migraine, stomach torment, rest aggravations, and joint/muscles pain. Call your doctor if any of the side effects bother you for a long time. Prior to taking this medicine. Let your health expert know whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Consult your health expert if you have any liver or kidney problems. This medicine can not be used by kids and teenagers.


Alcohol addiction
Opioid dependence


Normal side effects

Trouble in resting
Uneasiness, anxiety
Stomach pain
Loose bowels
Feeling debilitated
Cerebral pain
Joint or muscle pain
Expanded lacrimation
Chest Pain
Urine retention

Serious side effects

Allergic conditions like breathing issues, swollen lips, rash on the skin, and liver harm

rare side effects

Suicidal thoughts
Speech disorder
Bleeding disorder


Naltrexone attempts to reduce the impacts of narcotic medicines or liquor in the cerebrum. So patients will at this point don’t feel the sensation of joy that they used to encounter before in the wake of taking narcotics. It blocks the euphoric feelings experienced after taking opiates and alcohol. This reduces cravings and helps you remain off of them. But this treatment works better alongside counseling and social support. Treatment of this medicine may last for 90 days. Continue the treatment, as long as your doctor suggests you do so, to get the best results.


Take this medicine as suggested by your doctor. Also, try not to break or bite the medicine. Allow your doctor to choose the right portion and term for you. Treatment of this medicine may last for 90 days. Continue the treatment, as long as your doctor suggests you do so, to get the best results.


Keep this away from direct sunlight and store it in a dry place.


Naltima 50 mg Should be taken under the doctor’s supervision. Consult your health expert if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy. This drug is not recommended if you have liver or kidney problems and also people who have suicidal tendencies.  A high dose of opioids can be life-threatening. Alcohol intake is not recommended during the treatment because this may increase the risk of liver damage. Also after taking the medicine the patient should be monitored closely for 30 minutes for any symptoms of withdrawal.

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