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Oflox Eye Drop

Oflox eye drop
Oflox eye drop

Oflox Eye Drop


Product Code      : GP5248
Brand Name        : Ocuflox
Generic Name     : Ofloxacin
Manufacturer      : FDC
Presentation        : Eye Drop
Delivery Days      : 10-12 working days

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Ofloxacin drops

Oflox Eye Drop is an antibiotic eye drop that is used to cure bacterial infections of the eyes. When we use the Oflox Eye Drops then it reduces the symptoms of infection and also stops further growth of infection. Use this eye drop as per the advice of the Doctor.

Uses of Oflox Eye Drop

Oflox eye drop is very useful in various types of eye infections that happen due to bacteria.

Benefits of Oflox Eye Drop

As Oflox Eye drop is an antibiotic drop that works excellently in Eye infection problems. It works by stopping the rapid growth of bacteria which are the main reason to create eye infections. Oflox Eye Drops provide immediate relief from pain, itching, soreness, and redness that happen due to eye infections. The quantity of eye drops to use depends on the condition of your eye infection and your doctor’s advice. To cure the eye infection, always complete the course which is prescribed by the doctor.

Oflox Eye Drop Side Effects

Although there are no major side effects of using Oflox Eye Drops and you won’t need any medical help as the side effects will disappear as your eyes get adjusted to oflox eye drops. If you still feel there is a major issue then you can consult your physician.

How to Use Oflox Eye Drop?

This Eye Drop is only for external use. And always apply as per the doctor’s prescription. Before using the eye drops look at the label to know how to use it. Just hold the dropper and take it close to your eyes without touching it and then gently squeeze the dropper and put the medicine inside the lower eyelid. If there are any extra drops outside the eye then just wipe them off.

How does it work?

Oflox Eye Drops cure the bacterial infection of the eyes very efficiently. This eye drop stops the action of eye bacteria which is also known as DNA-gyrase bacterial enzyme.

Safety Advice for Using Oflox Eye Drop?

Alcohol- There is no data available using Oflox Eye Drops after consuming alcohol.

Breastfeeding;- If a breastfeeding mother is going to use Oflox Eye Drops then she should consult the doctor before using them. As the drugs included in these Eye Drops can pass into Breast milk which can harm the baby.

Pregnancy;- Oflox Eye Drops can be unsafe to use during the period of pregnancy. Some studies show that these eye drops can show harmful effects.

Driving;- After putting Oflox Eye Drops in your eyes you may feel sleepy or dizzy. It can also decrease alertness and affect your vision. So kindly avoid driving if you face any of these symptoms.

Kidney;- No such harm on the Kidney of using Oflox Eye Drops.

Liver;- it is not harmful to the liver

What if You Forget to Take?

When you miss a dose of Oflox Eye Drop then try to take it at the earliest. But in case the time of the second dose arrives then skip it and continue the normal schedule. Never double the dose of the medicine.

Should You Buy it or not?

If you are facing any eye infection problem or itching in your eyes then you can consider these Oflox Eye Drops for your eyes. These are antibiotic eye drops that keep your eye safe from bacteria. It is better to consult with the doctor before starting to use these eye drops.

The Conclusion

In the end, we want to say that if you are facing irritation or itching, or redness in your eyes then Oflox Eye Drops are the remedies for your problem.

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