Pilocar Eye Drop helps treat glaucoma and various eye conditions. It reduces the high pressure in your eyes and prevents nerve damage and vision loss. This eye drop is best for external use. The dose & duration is decided by the eye specialist. 

What are the uses of this eye drop?

  • Treats glaucoma

How does this eye drop treat glaucoma?

It is an eye condition where the optic nerves necessary for correct vision is damaged. The damage occurs due to high pressure that develops in your eyes. This eye drop reduces the pressure and swelling inside your eyes which prevents blindness and improves your vision. You can use this eye drop alone or with other eye medications. It is not possible to prevent Glaucoma. But, regular eye check-ups can help you diagnose the disease in its initial stages.

How to apply this eye drop?

If your eye specialist has prescribed Pilocar Eye Drop, he will ask you to apply it 2-4 times a day.

To use the eye drops, follow the simple steps

  • Washing your hands is a must
  • Avoid touching the tip of the eye drop bottle’s dropper or against your eye.
  • Put your head backward and open your lower eyelid using your index finger such that it creates a pocket-like structure.
  • Now, put the tip of the dropper close without letting the eye touch it and squeeze the 1st
  • Now, close your eye instantly after 2-3 minutes.
  • Avoid blinking or pressing your eyelids harshly.
  • Next, apply mild pressure to the tear duct using your finger.
  • Remove the excess liquid using a tissue or a clean napkin.
  • In case you need to apply another drop, leave a gap of 5 minutes.
  • Put the tip of the dropper to cover the bottle. Do not wash or rinse it.
  • Again, wash your hands and clean the remaining medication.

Remember, this eye drop can control glaucoma, but cannot cure it. You should continue using this eye drop even if you feel better before completing the treatment course as per the doctor’s advice. Do not stop using this eye drop suddenly without asking your eye specialist.

Pilocar Eye Drop – How does it work?

These eye drops allow getting rid of excess fluid in your eye thereby reducing the elevated eye pressure. It helps reverse the action of medicines that enlarge the pupil’s size.


I missed a dose- What can I do?

You may forget to put this eye drop but nothing to worry about. You can put it as soon as you realize. If your dosing schedule has the next dose in line, ignore the drop you missed and return to normal dosing. No need to take double doses.

What happens in case of using an extra dose of this eye drop?

If your friend or you have used an extra dose of this eye drop accidentally, contact your eye specialist or visit the nearest clinic immediately.

Side effects that accompany Pilocar Eye Drop

  • Accommodative disorder
  • Headache
  • Eye irritation
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Visual impairment

Most side effects of this eye drop are mild and go away once you get used to these drops. For any side effects that do not disappear for a long time, discuss them with your eye doctor.

Health issues I need to discuss with the doctor

Before you use this eye drop, notify your eye doctor if you are having

  • Difficulty in passing urine
  • stomach ulcers
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Other eye disorders

Expected drug interactions

Certainly, every medicine has some drug interactions. It means using them with other drugs can have interactions that may be a cause of concern. Hence, before using these eye drops you should tell your eye doctor if you are using medicines to treat:

  • Inflammation or pain
  • Slow down muscle contractions
  • Allergies
  • Depression
  • Reduce the size of the pupil.
  • Enlarge pupil size
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Mental illness
  • Strains, sprains, or muscle injury
  • High blood pressure

Is it safe to use these eye drops for the long term?

This eye drop is safe for long-term use. It treats glaucoma effectively. To ensure that this eye drop offer the best results for you, check with your eye doctor regarding the correct dosing. It will help you use the medicine safely and ensure that it doesn’t have any negative effects.

Also, avoid using this eye drop if

  • You are pregnant/nursing mother
  • Have uncontrolled or untreated asthma


Can I use my contact lenses when I am using this eye drop?

While using this eye drop, it is advisable to remove the contact lenses and then put the eye drops. You can wear the contact lenses back after 10 minutes of using this eye drop.

Can I use Pilocar Eye Drops with other eye medicines?

Avoid using this eye drop with other eye medicines at the same time. If the eye doctor has recommended other eye medicines, leave a gap of 10 to 15 minutes between both eye medicines.

After using this eye drop, I am feeling better. Can I stop using it?

It is not advisable to stop using these eye drops even if you feel better after a few days of using them. It can worsen the eye condition. So, ask your eye doctor before you stop using it and follow his advice strictly.

What if I swallow this medicine by mistake?

This eye drop is only for external use and not for internal use. If swallowed accidentally, you should contact your medical expert or go to the nearest clinic. Also, carry the eye drop bottle while visiting the hospital.

Is it fine if I stop using this eye drop without asking the eye doctor?

Use this eye drop for the duration suggested by the eye doctor. Even if you do not see any improvement, the treatment is working to improve your condition. Still, if you wish to stop this treatment, ask your eye doctor before doing so.

Can this eye drop hinder my eyesight?

The long-term use of this eye drop can change the shape of the eye lens leading to some changes to the eyesight. If you notice any problems with your eyesight, consult your eye doctor.

Can this eye drop improve my vision?

This eye drop is a medicine that enhances close-range eyesight contracting your pupil.

Can this eye drop treat dry eyes?

According to studies, using this eye drop helps improve the quality of tear film. It may not treat dry eyes but can improve tear quality.

What is the duration of working this eye drop?

The eye drops help treat glaucoma and it results in pupil constriction. It can result in blur vision that stays for 2-3 hours after applying it. You may see changes in vision in dim light. Hence, do not drive at night or use heavy machinery or engage in activity that needs a clear vision.


Pilocar eye drop is a safe medicine for treating different eye conditions like glaucoma.

Before you take this eye drop, discuss it with your healthcare expert to ensure you get the maximum benefits of this eye drop and avoid possible side effects.

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