Pimecrolimus cream helps treat skin problem eczema. It is a skin condition that results in itchy and dry patches on your skin.

To get most of this cream read the instructions given on the label to use it on the affected skin surface. Washing your hand before applying this cream is a good practice to follow.


Well, this cream is made for external use only. It should not be consumed orally. Washing hands before & after using this cream is a good practice.

Let the cream not enter your eyes. If it enters the eyes, use enough tap water to clean the water. Use it as directed by the medical expert. Do not use the cream in higher quantities than prescribed. Continue applying this cream unless your skin specialists ask you to discontinue.

  • Take a thin film of the Pimecrolimus cream and apply it to the area that is affected.
  • Before you apply this cream, clean and pat dry the affected area.
  • Avoid using a bandage to cover the area. Wear simple clothing to cover that area.
  • Do not take shower, engage in swimming after applying this cream as the medicine will wash off.

The skin doctor/pharmacist will guide you on using this cream properly with every refill or prescription. If you are using this cream for children, discuss it with your medical expert first. This cream may be prescribed for children, not below 2 years of age.

This medicine is prescribed by your skin doctor for you after assessing your skin condition. So, do not share the cream with others even if you think their condition is the same.

What are the points I need to highlight before I start using this Pimecrolimus cream?

The medical expert should know if you are suffering from the conditions listed below:

  • Immune system issues
  • Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
  • Chickenpox, herpes, colds sores
  • Netherton’s syndrome
  • Large areas of damaged/burned skin
  • Ongoing/recent radiation
  • Allergic reaction to this cream or other substances like dyes, foods, or preservatives
  • Breast-feeding
  • Pregnant/trying to conceive


The dose of this cream differs with each patient. For correct dosing, you should follow the instructions of your skin doctor. You will also find the dosing instructions on the label of the cream. But, those are general/average dose instructions for this cream. Your dose differs so do not alter the dosage without your medical expert’s permission.

The amount of Pimecrolimus cream you use depends on this medication’s strength. The number of doses you use every day, the time gap required between each dose, and the duration for which you need to use this cream depends on the health problem you are using it for

Dosage for Atopic dermatitis

The dosage for Atopic dermatitis is:

For Teenagers, adults, and children (2 years old) and more – use a thin layer of the cream on the affected skin surface twice a day.

Children below 2 years old – application of this cream is not advisable.

What can interact with the medicine?

  • Calcium channel blockers
  • Beverages or medications containing alcohol or with a high %age of alcohol.
  • Some medicines that treat fungal infections
  • Erythromycin
  • Cimetidine
  • Vaccines

The above list may not explain all the interactions possible. So, share a list of medicines you are taking currently which may include prescription/non-prescription medicines, herbs, dietary supplements, etc. with your doctor.

Let your medical expert know if you drink alcohol, smoke or consume illegal drugs as it can interact with this medicine.

In some cases, a combination of two medicines is not advisable whereas in other cases using two medicines together is advisable even if there is a possibility of an interaction. In such cases, only your doctor can change the dose or ask you to take other precautions.

While taking this medicine, you should tell your medical expert about other medications you are taking. It will help your doctor evaluate the possible interactions and benefits of this medicine for you.

If you use this medicine with any of the above-listed medicines, it can result in side effects. The doctor can help you know which medicines can be taken together to get the best treatment. He may use one or a combination of medicines after evaluating the potential risks and benefits.

What side effects are expected after using Pimecrolimus cream?

For any side effects, you should approach your medical expert urgently:

  • Itching, burning, peeling, or crusting of treated skin.
  • Infection—Chills, cough, sore throat, or fever.
  • Allergic reactions—itching, swollen throat, lips, tongue, or itching.
  • Skin infection—swelling, skin redness, pain, or warmth.
  • Swelling in lymph nodes in the chest, neck, underarm area, or groin.

Side effects that are mild and do not need you to rush to the clink are

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Headache
  • Pus-filled, small bumps on your skin near hair follicles.

I missed a dose? What to do?

Missing a dose is normal. Take it after you recollect. If you have the next dose on schedule, skip this missed dose. Avoid taking double doses.

What if I overdose on this medicine?

If you used an extra dose of this medicine and notice severe symptoms like breathing problems or passing out, call emergency help immediately. The medicine is harmful if you swallow it.

How to get maximum benefits from the treatment?

  • Keep regular appointments with your medical expert. It will help the doctor track the progress and improvement in your condition through treatment with this cream.
  • Do not cover the area that you have applied this cream on using bandages or dressings. The reason is that extra cream than suggested may get absorbed by the skin.
  • Use lotions and moisturizing creams too. But, use them after using this cream.
  • You can notice some improvement in skin condition after using this cream for a week or two after starting the treatment. In case you do not see any improvement in skin condition after using this cream for six weeks, consult your skin specialist again for advice.
  • If you have any vaccinations on schedule, it is better to discontinue using this cream for some time if the affected area of the skin where you are using this cream is large. If it bothers you or your child, contact your medical expert for consultation.
  • The doctor may discuss the chances of slightly higher chances of skin cancer linked with this medicine. To reduce the risk, avoid going out in sunlight or using sunbeds. Even if it is cloudy and bright, use sunscreen with an SPF of a minimum of 15 to protect your skin as this cream makes your skin extra sensitive to light.
  • Drinking alcohol can lead to redness on your face or skin and you may get a warm feeling.

How do I store this cream safely?

Store Pimecrolimus cream at room temperature. Avoid freezing it. Close the cap of the tube tightly. Refrain pets & children from touching the medicine.

Avoid flushing the medicine in the toilet or putting them into the drain unless the disposing instructions say so. Dispose of the medicine once expired or when it is not needed by anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this cream a steroid?

No. It is not a steroid but an immuno-suppressant.

Is this cream effective?

Yes. This cream is effective when you used it for the correct duration and dosage as per the medical expert’s advice. Do not stop using this cream even if you notice an improvement in your skin condition. Stopping the use of the cream early can bring back the symptoms or make the symptoms worse.

Can I buy this cream as over-the-counter medicine from the medical store?

No. It is not an OTC medicine but a prescription medicine. To buy this medicine, you need a valid prescription from a medical expert.

Will forgetting the dose of this cream cause any problems?

Forgetting the dose of this cream is not worrisome but continue using it as soon as you realize it. If you are not confident or have queries, consult your skin specialist.

What are the special instructions for nursing, pregnant women, and children while using this cream?

  • For pregnant ladies – This cream is not advisable
  • For nursing mothers – This cream is not advisable
  • For older people over 60- No information available so connect with the doctor/pharmacist
  • For children –This cream is not advisable for children below 2 years of age. There are chances of infections & other adverse effects.

What are the conditions that Pimecrolimus Cream is useful to treat?

Note: Long-term use of this cream should be avoided. Do not give this cream to others even with similar conditions. Every patient and his/her skin condition are different so they need proper medical evaluation from the doctor before using this cream. You should follow the precautions that your doctor asks you to while using this cream. Apart from benefits, you may face side effects that you need to consider to get more benefits from this treatment.

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