Many people experience difficulty breathing and they are called respiratory health conditions. You need to be very careful when you’re having a respiratory health condition. It is not always easy to handle a respiratory issue if it is not treated on time. It is very important to use the right medicine for treating these conditions. The most common respiratory health issue is asthma. With Asthma, one will not be able to breathe properly followed by too much cough. The doctor prescribes you the right medicine for treating an asthma attack. But it is also important to control the symptoms of asthma like cough, tightness of the chest, and wheezing. Serobid Rotacaps 50 mcg will help you in controlling the symptoms. It is a highly recommended medicine by many doctors across the world.

Usually, you will have blocked air passage and a lot of mucus formation in the air passage due to an asthma attack. These are the symptoms of COPD as well. Serobid Rotacaps 50 mcg medicine relaxes down Airway muscles and widens them. So now you will be able to breathe comfortably.



Only a bronchodilator will help control the symptoms like inflammation in the airways, swelling, and reduction of the mucus. Also, the airways from the lungs should be widened for a better breathing experience for asthma patients. Serobid Rotacaps 50 mcg are those bronchodilators you need. It is very effective and starts showing effect in just one to two hours of taking it.


Rotahalers are different from inhalers and so will the process of using them. With an inhaler, you just need to press the lever of the inhaler by holding it between the teeth. But for the Serobid Rotacaps 50 mcg, you need to place the capsules in the chamber provided for the capsule in your rotahaler. You need to twist the rotahaler mouthpiece till you hear a click sound. Now hold the rotahaler tightly between your lips and take a deep breath. You should be able to hold your breath for at least ten seconds or as long as you can. Then you can exhale slowly from your mouth. Repeat the procedure if there is any medicine left in the capsule chamber.

You need to continue the use of these rotahalers as long as your doctor instructs you to do. You should never miss any dose even when you don’t see any symptoms. In the beginning, you see only mild effects of the medicine but after a few weeks, you will be able to see the full effect of Serobid Rotacaps 50 mcg. 


While using any medication, you need to take a few precautions to avoid any uncertain conditions. Only the right dose used in the right way will give you the best results. So, the precautions to follow while using this medicine are:

  • Never use the medicine if it is not prescribed to you.
  • Serobid Rotacaps 50 mcg may show interactions with certain medicines. Mention all medicines that you are using to your doctor.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnant women should not use this medicine without talking to the doctor.
  • The first dose should always be administered under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Alcohol can cause side effects and hence it is always better to avoid it.
  • It does not treat severe symptoms of asthma, so use the quick-relief inhaler or talk to your doctor about it.
  • If you are using the medicine for liver, heart, BP, or kidney diseases, your doctor should know about it.


Before you buy Serobid Rotacaps 50 mcg or once you start using it it is important to know the storage information. You should carefully read the storage instructions on the instruction leaflet provided with the medicine. It should be kept in a dry place and make sure the temperature is not too high. Never leave the medicine exposed to direct sunlight. Always close the cap of the inhaler properly after use and store it in a clean place.


Q-Do you need to take Serobid Rotacaps 50 mcg with water?

It is not meant for swallowing. You need to use a rotahaler for inhaling this medicine and get relief.

Q-How many times in a day should I take it?

Usually, it is just one time in a day, but your doctor will be the right person to decide this.

Q-What is the best time for using Serobid Rotacaps 50 mcg?

Your doctor will tell you that. But whenever you start taking it, make sure to take the medication at the same time every day.

Q-Should I carry it along with my quick-relief inhaler?

Not unless you will have to take it at a later time of the day when you are out. Otherwise not required to carry it along with another inhaler.

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