Simvotin 40mg Tablet helps reduce cholesterol and further cut down the risk of heart disease. Cholesterol accumulates in the form of fats in the blood vessels. It leads to the narrowing of blood vessels which can result in heart attack/stroke.

This tablet is taken in the evening. It can be taken with meals. It can also be taken without meals. Well, if you take it with meals it will not cause nausea. For maximum benefits take this tablet regularly.

Do not stop this tablet in between the treatment course. It can cholesterol levels. Your condition can get worse and you may be at risk of heart stroke or heart attack.

Try to monitor your cholesterol levels at regular intervals. When you combine the treatment (with this tablet) with a healthy diet, daily exercise, cutting down smoking and alcohol, manage weight, you can get maximum benefits.  You can have normal food except fatty foods in your diet.

Common side effects of this tablet are nausea, constipation, headache, infections of the upper respiratory tract, and abdominal pain. These symptoms are mild and resolve in some time. Still, if they continue for a longer period, discuss it with your healthcare provider. Also, if you experience yellowing of your eyes or unexplained/repeated muscle pains, consult your physician immediately.

This tablet is not advisable for patients with serious liver disease. Even pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid taking this tablet. If you are diabetic, check your blood glucose levels while using this tablet. It can elevate the blood glucose in the body.



  • Reduces high cholesterol
  • Prevents the risk of heart stroke and heart attack



 This tablet reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol levels in your blood. When the cholesterol levels reduce you are not at risk of heart attack or heart stroke. It can increase your life span too.

Make sure you take this tablet daily without fail. Also, make necessary changes to your lifestyle. Try to remain active and continue taking it as advised by the doctor.



When the cholesterol levels increase in your blood, the blood vessels tend to become narrow. This can further lead to stroke or heart attack. This tablet reduced the increased cholesterol levels to keep you healthy.



  • Abdominal pain
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Upper respiratory tract infection

The above side effects are mild. They will vanish with time. For any serious cases where the symptoms do not fade, consult your medical professional immediately.




It is not safe to take alcohol with this tablet.


This tablet is not safe for use during pregnancy. Data records prove negative effects on the baby. So, discuss this with your physician.


This tablet is not safe for breastfeeding women. The studies say that the toxicity of this tablet can harm the baby.


This tablet will not disturb the driving ability of an individual.


You should be cautious while using this tablet if you have kidney disease. You may need dose adjustments so, speak to your healthcare provider.


Patients need to use this tablet with caution if they have liver disease. They may need alterations in dose. Hence, they should talk to their physician.

Patients with serious liver disease should avoid using this tablet.



Q-When can I take Simvotin 40mg of during the day/night?

This tablet is taken once a day mostly after dinner. To remember every dose and to avoid missing the dose, you can set a fixed time for the dose.

Q-What is the duration for which I need to take Simvotin 40mg?

You can take this tablet for lifelong as well. But, make sure you take the tablet as per the doctor’s prescription.

This tablet will help you manage your cholesterol levels. If you stop taking it without taking other tablets for managing cholesterol, the levels can increase again. You may notice a couple of side effects of this tablet. But, this tablet is safe when taken according to the advice of the doctor.

Q-What foods should I eliminate from my diet while taking Simvotin 40mg?

This tablet helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. Hence, to get the best results, do not eat foods with high calories. Try not to eat junk or fried food. Exercise daily and follow the directions of the health care expert.

Q-Can this tablet cause tiredness?

Yes. This tablet can cause tiredness. The reason is that the tablet reduces the supply of energy to your muscles in the body. Ideally, tiredness occurs after vigorous activity. Fatigue is prominent in individuals with heart disease or liver disease. This tablet can also lead to muscle damage. It can further make the tiredness worse. So, make sure you connect with the doctor if you feel tired when taking this tablet.

Q-Is this tablet safe for use?

Yes. This tablet is quite safe when taken according to the prescription of a doctor. The side effects of this tablet are not seen in every individual. They are mild and resolve after some time. If they turn severe, seek medical help immediately.

Q-How to store and dispose of this tablet?

This tablet should be stored in a cool dry location. Keep the tablet in its actual packaging. Make sure the tablet packet is not reachable to pets and children.

Q-How long does the effect of the tablet lasts?

The tablet’s effect lasts normally for 2 to 3 days.

Q-Can you tell me how long I can see the action of this tablet?

 You can see the maximum effects of this table within one to two hours.

Q-Is this tablet a habit-forming medication?

No. This tablet is not a habit-forming medication.

Before and during the treatment with this tablet your doctor may ask you to conduct a regular test to monitor the function of the liver throughout the treatment.

If you observe any issues that signal liver issues like unexpected dark urine, yellowing eyes/skin, or stomach pains, seek medical help instantly.

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