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Suminat 100 mg

Suminat 100 mg
Suminat 100 mg

Suminat 100 mg


Product Code     : GP5330
Generic Name    : Sumatriptan
Brand Name       : Imitrex
Manufacture       : Sun Pharma
Presentation       : pills (blister)
Delivery Days     : 10-12 working days
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Suminat 100 mg tablets work for the treatment of headaches. This is very notable to give alleviation from side effects of headache and assists with forestalling headache assaults from being more awful.

Suminat tablets  limits the veins, henceforth giving help in headache cerebral pains. It is important to adhere to finish directions given by your medical services counselor identified with utilization of suminat dose and the time timetable of the course. These tablets can be taken with food or without food. It is prescribed to take this medication simultaneously regular so this will assist you with making reliable degrees of medication in your body . Remember to take your portion and complete your full course of treatment regardless of whether you feel good.  Try not to quit taking it unexpectedly.

Patients might confront some incidental effects related with this medication like fringe neuropathy, shortcoming, laziness and can feel a feeling of warmth in the ear ,neck and face. Generally these manifestations are for an extremely brief timeframe and evaporate when. Contact your wellbeing master if any side effects endure.

You might feel sluggishness toward the start of the treatment of this medication so make an effort not to drive or work any apparatus , Until you become mindful how this medication responds to your body. These tablets might give you temperament swings and you might feel discouraged, Therefore you ought to routinely screen your social changes. In case you are pregnant or breastfeeding mother counsel your wellbeing master prior to taking treatment of this medication.


These tablets work to further develop blood stream in your mind and help to forestall surprising action of muscles that trigger serious cerebral pains that outcome in headache

This medication works viably to control headache assaults. It forestall recurrence of headache assaults and get you back to follow your ordinary life schedule


Take this drug as advices by health expert . do not try to break, crush and chew the tablets . Take the doses as decide by your doctor. Do not stop this medicine without doctor’s consultation even if you feel okay .


You should Take this medication as prompted by your PCP. Try not to pulverize or bite these tablets, swallow it for what it’s worth and attempt to take it at a proper timetable to get the vast majority of its decency.


Reason for headache cerebral pains is expanding in the veins in the cerebrum and these tablets work to limit the veins in the head and stop flags that trigger the cerebral pain, thus giving help in headache migraines.


You might confront some incidental effects related with this medication, for example, :-
fringe neuropathy
Keep away from utilization of liquor
Abstain from driving and working any apparatus

Inform your primary care physician as to whether you have any coronary illness in light of the fact that now and again Suminat tablets are contraindicated for heart patients. Get your circulatory strain routinely checked while taking treatment of this medication.

Stop this medication if serious torment creates in your chest or in your stomach, ridiculous loose bowels and hypertension.

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