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Tadalista 10 mg

cialis 10 mg
cialis 10 mg

Tadalista 10 mg


Product Code                : GP100
Generic Name               : Tadalafil
Brand Name                  : Cialis 10 mg
Manufacture                  : Fortune Healthcare
Presentation                  : Tablets
Delivery Time                : 10 working days 
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Tadalista 10 mg

Tadalista 10 mg Tablet is used to treat E.D problems in men. This drug improves the blood flow into the penis to get a perfect erection. It also works by increasing the blood flow into the penis. Also provides relaxation when you get sexually excited.

You can take this drug on an empty stomach or after a meal. This pill should be taken as advised by the doctor. The medicine will only work better when you are sexually stimulated. This medicine should be taken at least one hour before your sex plan. If you ask how much time this medicine will take to work, it varies. But in a normal situation, it takes between 30 minutes and one hour. You should only consume this pill if you require it and the doctor has asked for it.

The most common side effect of this medicine is flushing. Also, one may face headaches, blurred vision, muscle pain, and stomach upset. If your side effects remain for a longer period then talk to your doctor.

This drug is not intended to be used by women. Men should avoid consuming other drugs to treat impotence. If anyone takes this medicine with Nitrates, then it can be dangerous. If anyone suffers from severe heart or liver problems, then avoid this tablet. Also, if suffered from a heart attack or low blood pressure, avoid this pill. If you are suffering from any of the above diseases let your doctor know. You shouldn’t drive after consuming this tablet as it can make you feel dizzy. Always avoid taking alcohol during the treatment of this drug because this may make you feel dizzy.

Uses of Tadalista 10 mg

This tablet is very useful to treat E.D in males.

Medicinal Benefits

In Treatment of E.D

Tadalista 10mg Tablet comes from a group of medicines called PDE-5. It works by motivating the blood vessels in your penis. These medicines work by allowing blood to flow into the penis. Also producing an erection when sexually aroused. It will only work if you are sexually stimulated. It should be taken at least 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Never use this tablet if you take nitrates often given for chest pain.

This pill provides relaxation to the bladder and prostate muscles. Thereby reducing the enlarged prostate symptoms like difficulty in urination. It is used to treat high BP in the lungs by relaxing the blood in the chest. Thereby improving the blood to the lungs and decreasing the heart’s workload.

Directions for Use Of Tadalista 10 mg

Always consume this tablet in the prescribed dose suggested by the doctor. Swallow the tablet as a whole. Never chew or crush or break this tablet. The person can take this drug with or without food. It is better to take it on a fixed schedule.


Always store this pill in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Side Effects of Tadalista 10 mg

  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Rash

In-Depth Precautions and Warning

Drug Warnings

If anyone is allergic to its ingredients then don’t take it. Also, if anyone is already taking nitrates used to treat angina then should avoid this pill. If you are suffering from heart problems, stroke, or uncontrolled high blood pressure. Suppose you ever had a loss of vision. If you are suffering from abnormal red blood cells or bone marrow cancer then consult a doctor. Also if you have blood cell cancer then speak with a doctor. You should also consult with a doctor if you have major kidney or liver problems.

Meet with your doctor if you experience hearing or vision loss while using this tablet. This pill is not to be used by women as this medicine is only for men. Also, drive with complete caution after taking this drug. You should avoid drinking alcohol as this might cause increased dizziness. This pill should not be given to children as it is not made for them.

Drug Interactions of Tadalista 10 mg

Drug Interactions;- You may face side effects after taking this with anti-hypertensive. Also, alpha-blockers, anti-anginal, anti-fungal, antibiotics, anti-TB anticonvulsants HIV.

Food-Drug Interactions;- As we have already mentioned, you should avoid drinking alcohol. It may temporarily damage your ability to get an erection.

Drug-Disease Interactions;- This tablet may have interactions with heart & kidney disease. Also, it may have interaction with pulmonary disease and liver disease. Some of the other interactions are seizure disorder & hearing loss. Also, loss of vision and more prolonged erection of the penis.

Safety Advice


You are advised not to drink alcohol while consuming this pill as it may cause dizziness.


This medicine belongs to pregnancy category B, so women should not use it.


Women shouldn’t use this tablet.


This pill may cause dizziness, so don’t drive and operate heavy machinery.


The patient may need a dose adjustment of this tablet. Always advise your doctor before taking this medicine. If you have liver disease or any concerns regarding this, you should avoid using it.


If you have any kidney problems, consult your doctor before taking them.

Habit Forming


Diet & Lifestyle Advice

Erectile Dysfunction

  • You should maintain a healthy weight and eat a balanced diet. Do the regular exercise as it may help you to manage E.D.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol to treat your medical situation effectively. Drinking it extra may damage your ability to obtain an erection.
  • You should avoid the usage of tobacco.
  • It would help if you spent maximum intimate time with your partner.
  • You should stay sexually active to prevent further problems with E.D.


  • Patients need to avoid foods that contain sugars.
  • You should also avoid carbonated beverages, tea & citrus fruits. You just need to keep away from tomatoes, spicy foods, and chocolate.
  • Take fluid to the limit as excess could cause urinating frequently.
  • Don’t consume caffeinated drinks as they may worsen your condition.
  • Always maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly.
  • If you smoke, then you should quit smoking.
  • Make a habit of drinking 6-8glasses of liquids every day.
  • You should avoid consuming processed foods. Instead, you can choose whole and unprocessed foods.
  • To be healthy, you should include fruits & vegetables in your diet. Also, add fiber-rich food to your diet.

Special Advice before Using Tadalista 10 mg

Take this medicine 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual intercourse. But, it is considered best to take it an hour before sexual activity.

Do not take this medicine more than once a day. You should always consume this tablet as prescribed by the doctor.

If the erection stays for longer, you should speak with your doctor.


In today’s article, we get to know about this medicine. We get to know the usage & benefits of this medicine. Never start any medicine by yourself also. Always take the medicine at the suggestion of the doctor. Take medicine in only the prescribed dose and for the mentioned duration. Tadalista is an oral medicine from the drug class that is typically used for the treatment of E.D in men. The drug is effective only when utilized at a lower dose of 10 mg or less per day. Its side effects are mild but include headache and upset stomach.



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