Tamoxifen 20 mg helps treat and prevent breast cancer. This medicine also treats infertility that occurs due to a failed ovulation process in women. Breast cancer occurs in breast cells triggered by estrogen which is a female sex hormone. It is a disease wherein the cells present in the breast increase abnormally. You will find different types of breast cancer and the type varies on the type of cells present in the breast turning into cancer.

With the treatment, the doctor may tell you to change your lifestyle like incorporating a healthy diet, changing sleeping habits focusing on weight control, etc. Before the treatment, the medical expert will ask you to undergo some breast examinations to know your current condition.


  • Helps treat breast cancer


Tamoxifen 20 mg is a hormone-based tablet that binds to estrogen receptors and obstructs the estrogen effects in the breast tissue. It reduces the growth of cells causing breast cancer and stops them from multiplying.


Tamoxifen 20 mg tablet comprises Tamoxifen an anti-estrogen medicine. It helps treat breast cancer that has scattered over other body parts in women and men. This tablet helps treat breast cancer in females who have undergone treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery in the past. It also treats infertility that arises due to a failed ovulation process in females.

Certain forms of breast cancer require estrogen to grow. This tablet obstructs the result of estrogen thereby helping treat breast cancer effectively. This tablet also helps lower the risk of breast cancer happening in women with age, personal medical conditions, or medical history in the family.


  • Take this tablet as prescribed by the health expert. Do not miss out on the guidelines or instructions on the medicine label.
  • Take this medicine with/without food.
  • Continue taking this medicine for 5-10 years.
  • Visit the hospital to get regular mammograms and physical exams, and also check your breasts on your own to see if there are lumps every month while taking this medicine.
  • This drug can change the reports of some medical examinations. Hence, inform your doctor that you are taking this medicine.
  • Avoid refrigerating this drug. Discard unused drug (liquid form) within 3 months after opening the bottle.


For missed dose

Take tamoxifen 20 mg as soon as you recollect. Skip the missed dose if you have to take the next dose in some time. Avoid duplication of the dose of this medicine.


Overdose can cause complications. So, approach your nearest hospital urgently in case of an overdose. Use this medicine regularly to get maximum benefits. If you are suffering from breast cancer that has scattered to other body parts, you may notice elevated cancer/bone pain or disease break out after you start taking this medicine. In some individuals, these may be indications that this medicine is working for them perfectly.

You may notice symptoms like

  • Enlarged tumor size
  • Elevated bone pain
  • New tumors

The above symptoms normally vanish faster. But you should inform your medical expert about the above symptoms urgently. As this drug is well-absorbed via lungs and skin, pregnant females or those suspecting pregnancy should avoid using this medicine or breathing in the dust coming from tablets.


  • Headache
  • Hot flashes
  • Muscle aches
  • Leg cramps
  • Tiredness
  • Nausea
  • Numbness or tingling sensation
  • Thinning of hair


Taking this medicine can put you at risk of liver cancer, uterine cancer, blood clots in your lungs, or stroke which can be life-threatening.  Avoid using this medicine if you are pregnant else it can harm the fetus Use a birth control measure like a condom while you are taking this medicine and for a minimum of 2 months after the treatment is over. Do not use this drug if you have allergies to it, a history of blood clots in the lungs or veins, or if you are using a blood thinner like warfarin.


Before taking this drug, inform your medical expert if you suffer from the following:-

  • Liver diseases
  • Cataracts in the past
  • High triglycerides
  • History of a blood clot
  • History of stroke
  • Undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment at present.

If you are using Tamoxifen 20mg to lower the chances of breast cancer, you may be required to have your 1st dose during your menstrual cycle. Also, you may need to get a pregnancy test done before starting with this medicine to ensure you are not pregnant. Try to follow the instructions given by the medical expert.

To ensure that this medicine does not leave any adverse effects, your medical expert may ask you to get mammograms done and to carry out self-exams to check your breasts for any lumps regularly. The medical expert may also ask you to check your liver function. Do not miss out on your appointments with the medical expert. His guidance will help you get the maximum benefits of this medicine and avoid complications if any on time.

You should use birth control measures while using this medicine minimum for 2 months after the last dose. Inform your doctor if you have conceived. To avoid pregnancy while using this medicine, use a condom, contraceptive sponge, cervical cap, etc.,

Do not use birth control pills, implants, injections, vaginal rings, or skin patches to avoid pregnancy. Do not consume this drug if you are using Warfarin. If you are nursing a baby, stop breastfeeding for a minimum of 3 months after the last dose of this medicine. The medicine is not advisable for individuals below 18 years.

Tamoxifen 20mg – Drug Interactions

 Tamoxifen 20mg can interact with other medicines that help treat breast cancers. Also, this medicine can interact with other drugs like

  • Blood thinning agents
  • Cancer medicines
  • Medicines for fits
  • Medicines for ulcer
  • Medicines for heart diseases

 Food Interaction

Avoid consuming grapefruit/grapefruit juice as it can interact with Tamoxifen 20mg

 Disease Interaction

If an individual is suffering from certain diseases, taking this tablet can change its efficacy and the diseases are

  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney diseases
  • Cataracts
  • Chemotherapy
  • History of blood clots
  • History of strokes


  • The medical expert would tell you to undergo mammograms while taking tamoxifen 20 mg and also ask you to perform regular physical tests.
  • Self-examination of breasts to identify lumps if any every month should be on your task list while taking this medicine.
  • You may have to check your liver health and get some tests for the same upon the doctor’s advice.
  • Tamoxifen can change the results of some tests like thyroid. So, make sure you notify your lab staff or physician about using this medicine before you undergo any tests or examinations.


Avoid keeping it in the bathroom. Do not store the liquid form in the refrigerator. Discard the unused liquid medicine within 3 months of opening the medicine bottle. Pets and children should stay away from this medicine.

Avoid flushing this medicine in the toilet or pouring it into the drain unless told so. Try to discard this medicine properly upon its expiry or if you do not need it anymore. Speak to a disposal company, pharmacist, or medical expert to learn the correct method of disposing of it safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Under what conditions should one need to be alert while using a Tamoxifen tablet?

Tamoxifen tablet should be used with care and under the supervision of a health expert if you have a medical history of kidney, heart disease, or liver diseases, elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, history of blood clots, stroke, cataracts or currently receiving chemotherapy. Also, notify your medical expert if you have any other health problems before you start taking this medicine.

What would happen if I stopped taking Tamoxifen 20mg?

Make sure you do not discontinue using this medicine even if you think your condition is improving unless the medical expert asks you to stop the medicine. If you stop taking it early, it can bring back the risk of breast cancer.

Can Tamoxifen tablets be used in women who are pregnant?

No. This tablet is not advisable for pregnant women as it can be dangerous for the unborn child.

When should get medical assistance?

In case you overdose on this medicine, call the ER immediately. There can be severe reactions of overdose which include itching, fever, chest tightness, wheezing, swelling of the tongue, lips, face, or throat, chest pressure, or pain. 

You can also face issues like breathing problems, pain or swelling in your arm or leg, throwing up, upset stomach, and belly pain. Women can face issues like changes in periods, spotting, and excessive bleeding between menstrual cycles. Etc.

Other reactions of overdose can be numbness, weakness, or tingling. Trouble thinking, speaking, blurred eyesight, change in balance, sudden change in your eyesight, rash, dark yellow urine, eyes or skin, rash or not being able to eat.

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