Asthma is a respiratory disorder and people with asthma think that they will not be able to live a normal life. As asthma is related to respiration, it is a sensitive health condition and requires a lot of attention. Especially for kids, some extra care is always required as they do not understand this condition. They don’t have any idea about what can be done and what should be avoided when having asthma. But with proper medication, it is not at all tough to live a normal life. Usually, you are prescribed to use inhalers when you are diagnosed with asthma. That will help in getting relief from an asthma attack. Along with that, you should also use medication that helps in controlling the symptoms that trigger an asthma attack. One of such useful medicines that help in controlling the symptoms of Asthma is Theo Asthalin 2mg+100mg.

In Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), people will experience a lot of difficulty in breathing, due to inflammation. The inflammation makes the airways narrow and excessive mucus formation is also seen. But with Theo Asthalin 2mg+100mg, all these symptoms can be controlled. So, a person with asthma will be able to breathe properly. When the symptoms become low, the problem gets under your control. Asthma or COPD has no permanent cure but it can be treated and kept under control. Talk to your physician and get the right information about the medicine. It helps in taking the medicine in the right manner.


When it comes to the working of the medicine, it has to reduce the inflammation in the lungs and relax the muscles. It should also be able to control the swelling so that the airways get widened. Some chemical messengers are responsible for this and hence the production of messengers should also be controlled. Theo Asthalin 2mg+100mg contains two different ingredients theophylline and Salbutamol. These two will do the job discussed above and hence you will be able to breathe normally. But for the medicine to work properly, you need to know how to take the medicine. 


Unlike other Asthma medications, Theo Asthalin 2mg+100mg comes in the form of a tablet. Yes, you don’t inhale this drug, rather you will have to swallow it. You should take the tablet with one glass of water. Do not use anything else. It has to be taken in the right dose that is suggested to you. Just take out the tablet from the blister pack and swallow it. Do not crush it, break it or chew the medicine. That does not increase the effect or show a faster effect on the body. So, make sure to take it as prescribed and suggested by the doctor.


Here are some important points that you need to keep in mind every time you are taking Theo Asthalin 2mg+100mg. They are:

  • The tablet works better when taken on an empty stomach and hence it does not take with a meal. There should be a gap of at least two to three hours from your meal.
  • Keep the meal light before or after taking the tablet.
  • Plan a routine for taking this tablet and try to follow it every day.
  • Your doctor should be aware of your complete medical history and that helps it stay away from any major side effects.
  • Some minor and temporary side effects are common with any medicine and also with Theo Asthalin 2mg+100mg. Do not worry as they fade off after a few uses.
  • Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is very important for the medicine to show a positive effect on the body.


Q-In what form do we get Theo Asthalin 2mg+100mg?

This medicine comes in the form of a tablet and you need to swallow it.

 Q-Can pregnant women take this tablet?

Only a few studies have been conducted on the same and no major side effects are caused due to the use of these tablets. But the doctor needs to know when you are pregnant.

Q-Can I increase the dose if the tablet does not work for me?

It is never safe to increase the dose without informing the doctor. Let the doctor know about the problem you are facing and your doctor will adjust the dose according to it.

Q-Does this medicine affect my driving?

No, it does not affect your driving and hence it is very safe to drive even after taking this tablet.

Theo Asthalin 2mg+100mg is a safe tablet for controlling asthma symptoms. Those who find it tough to use so many inhalers can go for this tablet form. It is easy to take and still a very effective medication.

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