Theo Asthalin – 2mg+100mg

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Product Code           : GP256
Generic Name          : Salbutamol sulphate Theophylline
Brand Name             : Theo Asthalin
Manufacture            : Cipla
Expiry Date              : Janury 2022
Presentation            : Tablets
Delivery Days          : 10 working days

Product Description

Buy Theo Asthalin – 2mg+100mg Online

Theo Asthalin is a very reliable and effective solution to the asthma problems that provides instant relief from discomfort.

Theo Asthalin Tablet is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Wheezing, Asthma, Shortness Of Breath, Respiratory Disease, Lung Disorder, Chest Tightness and other conditions.

Theo Asthalin contain salbutamol sulphate theophylline as an active ingredient. You can Buy Theo Asthalin 2mg online in USA through Goldendrugshop.

Theo ASthalin Tablet works by relaxing the muscles in the walls of the small airways in the lungs, relaxing muscles and opening air passages.

Theo Asthalin is prescribed for the treatment and maintenance of the symptoms of asthma and other pulmonary conditions that do not respond to convention treatment. Theo Asthalin only manages asthma it does not treat a severe attack or the cause of asthma.

Theo Asthalin is manufactured in India by Cipla. The generic name is salbutamolesulphate theophylline. It is available in 2 mg + 100 mg tablets. Theo Asthalin is the US name brand.

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