Now, Trajenta 5 mg is a popular anti-diabetic drug. The doctors prescribe the medicine to treat type 2 diabetes. With the medicine, doctors also suggest changes in diet and lifestyle. Sometimes the drug is also used with other medicines to lower blood sugar levels. With type 2 diabetes, either enough insulin does not produce, or the produced insulin does not work properly. Research shows that middle-aged or older people are more prone to type 2 diabetes. Trajenta 5 mg works like a miracle drug for decreasing blood sugar levels.



The medicine contains Linagliptin. It belongs to the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors. The drug is prescribed when diet or exercise cannot control blood sugar. This medicine works by blocking the action of DPP-4. It is a naturally produced enzyme, that destroys the naturally produced hormone ‘Incretin’. This hormone can help the liver to produce more insulin when needed. However, Trajenta 5mg should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes.

Trajenta can give the best result if you take it as per the doctor’s prescription. You need to take it at the same time every day. The doctor determines the dose as per the health condition of the patient. The medicine has some common side effects. These are hypoglycemia, upper respiratory tract infection, nasopharyngitis, or nose and throat infection. These problems are caused due to common cold and headaches.

Though you feel better, you cannot stop it without consulting the doctor. It can change your sugar level. If you stop taking the drug suddenly, it can increase your sugar level. High sugar levels can increase the risk of eyesight loss, kidney problems, and nerve damage. You must be very careful if you suffer from severe kidney problems. With heart disease, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, you also need to inform the doctor immediately. 



It will be taken after taking food to get the best result. The dose will entirely depend on several factors. These are your age, body weight, health condition, and ability of your body to respond to the medicine. 


Trajenta 5mg also works great by increasing insulin production from the pancreas. It also lowers the working ability of the hormones Incretin’,. So, it supports decreasing blood sugar levels. Besides this, it can reduce fasting and post-meal sugar levels.


Trajenta 5 mg must be taken orally with enough water. You must swallow it without crushing, chewing, or breaking, as directed by your doctor. Before taking it, you have to check the label mentioned on the drug’s packaging for directions.


Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose levels) is one of the common side effects of Trajenda 5 mg. Besides this, an excessive dose of the medicine may create an upper respiratory tract infection. It causes infection in the nose and throat due to a cold known as Nasopharyngitis and also Headache.

Besides all these, Trajenta 5 mg has some normal side effects. To stop these, do not need to go with immediate medical attention. Normal side effects are stomach pain, gas formation (flatulence), nausea, Vomiting, Headache, diarrhea, etc.


  • if you are allergic to different ingredients, you cannot take the tablet without consulting a doctor. 
  • You should inform your physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before starting. 
  • Prolonged use of Trajenta Tablet may lead to acute pancreatitis, known as swollen pancreas, 
  • It can also create critical kidney problems. 
  • You cannot add it with Trajenta 5mg anti-diabetic agents or insulin therapy. It may increase the risk of hypoglycemia. 
  • Sometimes, Trajenta may cause severe allergic reactions like anaphylaxis, angioedema, and exfoliative skin conditions. It also affects Stevens-Johnson syndrome. 
  • You should keep the Tablet from children. The safety of medicine in children has not yet been established. 
  • You are advised to stop medicine like digoxin. This Tablet may severely interact (a heart medicine) with Trajenta 5 mg
  • You cannot use the medicine if you have type 1 diabetes and diabetic ketoacidosis.

No matter what type of diabetes you have, taking these medicines daily can sometimes feel like a burden. New medications and improved delivery systems can help make managing your blood glucose levels easier. Talk with your doctor to determine which drugs and delivery systems will work best for you and fit into your lifestyle.

If you have any diabetes, you need to prevent it as soon as possible. It can create different health problems such as kidney, high blood pressure, heart problems, etc., so it is essential to visit your doctor. He will decide if you need to take the medicine or insulin. He also determines the dose, and you have to follow their prescription. Most diabetes medicines are prescription medicine. So you cannot purchase it without your doctor’s prescription. 


  • Alcohol: Alcohol can react with the medicine, as this drug can create drowsiness and nausea and reduce alertness. But you cannot find any relevant proof on this topic. 
  • Driving: with the drug, dizziness, vomiting, decreases alertness, and vision problems can be created. So it becomes dangerous if you are deciding to drive a car or heavy machine after taking it. 
  • Kidney: With kidney problems, the medicine causes serious side effects. So, before taking it, You should inform your doctor whether you can take the medicine or not. 
  • Liver: If you have a liver problem, this medicine can make its symptoms serious. so you should consult your physician. 
  • Pregnancy: The report states that the pill is completely safe for pregnant women; any side effects cannot occur with it during pregnancy. As per the animal studies, it creates reduced or no adverse impact while developing a baby in your womb, but the researches about this matter are limited. So before taking it, a doctor consultation is significant. 
  • Breastfeeding: Some human study shows that the drug does not create any significant risk or problem for the mother and baby if mothers are involved in breastfeeding. 

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