We should treat eye infections with caution and if you have got an eye infection then Vigamox is one of the best options to treat it. Eye infections such as bacterial conjunctivitis are treated with this medication. In case you want to buy Vigamox drops you can easily order them online. Order Vigamox online and it will get delivered conveniently to your doorstep. 


It works simply by killing bacteria that is the root cause of conjunctivitis. Even if you find that your symptoms have disappeared or you started feeling better in the eye then also do not discontinue. To treat the infection completely use this medicine till the infection is cured. You may find the recurrence of the infection if you stop using it too soon.


There are certain steps that you should take into account when using the eye drop. They are:

  • Wash your hands first to avoid any type of contamination. Make sure that the tip of your dropper does not touch any surface as it would also contaminate the same. 
  • Lean your head back, pull the lower eyelid away to form a pouch.
  • Place the dropper above the eye to let the drops fall into the pouch as prescribed by the doctor.  
  • Close the eyes for 1 or 2 minutes to allow the medicine to seep in 
  • If you are using any other medicine then repeat the process after a gap of five mins. 
  • Immediately after the usage wash your hands to remove any medicine
  • Tightly close the container after the usage


Common side effects of Vigamox are below;-

  • Blurred vision
  • moist eyes
  • Pain in eyes
  • Dryness in eyes
  • Redness in eyes
  • Itching in eyes
  • Burning in eyes
  • Irritation in eyes
  • Stinging


The vigamox dosage is better prescribed by the doctor as it cannot be given in the same quantity to everyone. It will affect differently for different patients so it is best to follow the instructions of your doctor or read the leaflet of directions for use. 

The dosage given on the label is the average dose of this medicine that can be taken by the patient. Do not change it on your own until your doctor asks you to do so. 

Missed Dose

If you miss the vigamox dosage then take it as soon as possible. In case it is the time of your next dose then do not take two at the same time to compensate for the missed dose but follow your regular schedule. 

What Drugs, Substances, or Supplements can prove dangerous with Vigamox?

If you are using any other medicine or eye drops with vigamox drops then inform your doctor and do not use other eye drops, medications, or supplements during the treatment unless your doctor advises you to do so.  

Vigamox During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Do not use Vigamox eye drops on your own but only when prescribed during pregnancy by the doctor. There is no confirmation of the fact that this medication passes into breast milk. So, Consult your doctor and continue or discontinue the medication as asked by your doctor if you are breastfeeding.


Certain medicines should be avoided at all costs while you are taking vigamox drops. Thus it is better to tell about all the medications, herbs, or supplements you are taking in advance. 

Certain types of food can also meddle with the treatment and some interactions may occur so it is better to take the advice of the doctor there also. 

Avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco with certain medicines thus discussing with your healthcare professional is very important. 


  • There are certain precautions you must take while using the medication to get the best results and stay away from any problems. If you do not find any improvement in your eye infection within a few days, or if it becomes worse, consult with your doctor.
  • This medicine can be the cause of serious allergic reactions that can be life-threatening and requires immediate medical intervention. It is better to call your doctor immediately in case you experience rashes, itching, find trouble breathing, trouble in swallowing or swelling in your hands, face, or mouth during the usage of this medicine.
  • While you are taking this medicine it is best to not wear contact lenses and instead wear glasses as it can cause irritation in the eyes.


  • Store it at room temperature also away from moisture and heat.
  • Do not freeze
  • Keep away from children.
  • Do not keep expired medicine at home
  • Do not throw the medicine in wet or dry waste 
  • Ask your doctor the right way to dispose of it off when not in use.

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