Winolap Nasal Spray – 120 MDI (12ml)

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SKU: Winolap Nasal Spray

Product Name   :Winolap Nasal Spray 120 MDI

Product Code    : GP341
Brand Name      : Patanase
Generic Name   : Olopatadine Hcl
Presentation      : Nasal Spray
Expiry Date        : Dec 2022
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Product Description

Winolap Nasal Spray – 120 MDI (12ml)

Allergies may create a lot of discomfort to your eyes, Winolap 5 MG    helps your eyes stay in a comfort area. Thus, it stops your skin area to prevent itching, watery eyes and burned sensation in your eyes formed due to allergic reaction.
There is a case when a woman who is pregnant, or trying to conceive, are requested to assist there doctors as they are consuming Winolap 5 MG Tablets. Winolap 5 MG Tablet is preferred to be applied only in the eyes only, this is recommended by the medical experts. Winolap 5 MG should not be applied near your nose and mouth. In case you somehow get it around it, wash the area with lots of water and can clean it with a cloth to avoid irritation.
In case you use Contact Lenses, remove your contacts while applying Winolap 5 MG tablet in your eyes. When applying the medicine in your eyes, make sure that your hands are dirt free, clean and dry to apply. After using Winolap 5mg tablet clean your hands again after using the medicine.
Winolap 5 MG Tablet may lead to slighter side effects such as bulky nose, headache, pain in throat. These symptoms are just for a short period caused to get read for the deeper pain. In case one feels side effects such as swelling around the eyes, itching, burning or irritation around the eyes which may cause blurred vision, immediately reach out to a doctor as it may seek medical attention.

In case there is any unstated side effects immediately look over for medical help

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