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Can I take Tadalafil 10 mg early in the day?

Can I take Tadalafil 10 mg early in the day?

Is morning Tadalafil 10mg safe? Timing tips for effectiveness.

Erectile dysfunction is no longer a major health issue. There may not be any permanent cure available for it, but there are several drugs that help. With the help of these drugs, you can easily get an erection. But not all medicines work for everyone. So, your doctor suggests the right drug. For some Sildenafil works, while Tadalafil works for some.

It is your doctor who can decide which one is good based on the severity of erection issues. But can this drug be taken at any time? Can you take Tadalafil early in the day? What should be combined or avoided with this erectile dysfunction? All this information is required before you start using them. So, consulting your doctor is important before using Tadalafil pills. Generic tadalafil comes in different names such as:-

Tadalista 10 mg
Tadalista super active
Tadarise 20 mg

What can Tadalafil do for men?

A very important question that many men have in their minds is what can this drug do to them? The answer is quite simple. It is an Erectile dysfunction medication and it will help in getting an erection. It helps those men who are sexually stimulated but still face problems in getting an erection. Let us have a look at what this medication does in step by step process:

  • Men will not be able to get an erection when the blood vessels or muscles do not get filled with enough blood. 
  • The muscles also become stiff when there is an erection problem. This condition is caused by the PDE-5 enzyme. 
  • When the effect of the PDE-5 enzyme is inhibited, a man will be able to get an erection. 
  • After taking one pill of Tadalafil, the effect of the PDE-5 enzyme is reduced. The muscles around the penile area start to relax. 
  • Once the effect of PDE-5 is inhibited, cGMP production will increase. That helps in giving a prolonged erection for men. 
  • The blood flow through the relaxed muscles will increase and gets filled in the soft tissues of the penis. 
  • Once there is enough blood flow, some pressure is created in the penis and that helps to get an erection. 

So, that is how an erection happens in a man with erectile dysfunction. But as already discussed, it can happen when you are sexually stimulated. 

Now coming to our question what can this drug do to men, Tadalafil will work on the PDE-5 enzyme. It works like the PDE-5 inhibitor and stops its effect on the male reproductive organs. 

Can it be taken at any time of the day?

Another interesting and useful information that you need to know about Tadalafil is whether can you take it at any time of the day. Your doctor will not just suggest you the dosage of the drug, but will also suggest the right usage. You can take erectile dysfunction medicine at any time of the day. There is no specific time when you should take the medicine.

Also, there is no time when this drug works better. So, there is no problem with taking the medicine at any time of the day. You just have to make sure that there is at least 30 minutes to one hour time for your sexual intercourse. This time is required for the medicine to start working on your body. For some, it may even take a little longer. You will know the duration when you use the drug at least a few times. 

Can you take the drug early in the day?

When it comes to taking the medicine early in the day, there is no specific time for taking the pills. As discussed already, you will have to plan your medicine timing as per the sexual intercourse. Whether it is daytime or nighttime, you just need to take the medicine Tadalafil at least one hour before. That time will help the medicine to get absorbed into the blood and stop the activity of the PDE-5 enzyme. So, whether you take it in the early morning or at the night, it all depends on your mood and when you wish to make love. 

What to combine or what to avoid while using Tadalafil drug?

Whatever the reason for erectile dysfunction, or whatever the timing for taking Tadalafil, you need to know certain things. There are certain things that you can combine with Tadalafil for the best results. Also, there certain things that you need to avoid while using the drug. That will also help in getting good results from this drug. So, here let us check out the points to avoid or combine for good results of the medicine:

Things to avoid:

  • The first thing that comes on this list is alcohol. You should never drink alcohol while on this medicine. 
  • Grapefruits and grapefruit juice should never be combined with Tadalafil. 
  • Taking any other ED medicine along with this medication can also cause side effects. 
  • This drug is for men and hence women should never use the drug. 
  • Driving any vehicle should be avoided while using these pills. 
  • If you are not sexually stimulated, using this medicine will not give you any results. It is the signals from the brain that helps the medicine work. 
  • Never take more than the prescribed dose, expecting it to work better. A lower or higher dose will not give better results. Only the right dose will give you the results. 
  • Always avoid changing the drug after one or two uses. You should try at least a few times to make sure the medicine is working or not. 
  • Don’t use it regularly. It is good to use the medication only when you need it. 

Things to follow while using Tadalafil:

  • You have other treatment options apart from oral medications. You can combine them if your doctor suggests it. 
  • Always take only one pill of this medicine for 48 hours. 
  • Drink enough water after you take this pill. 

36-hour effect of Tadalafil:

Tadalafil is an amazing medicine that gives you good results for erectile dysfunction. This medicine has been one of the favorite medicines for men who are looking for long-lasting results. Usually, most of the erectile dysfunction medicines available in the market give effect for four hours. Some can last for at least six hours. But if you are taking Tadalafil, you can enjoy results for 36 hours. This is the only drug that offers such long-lasting results. Many men who are looking for weekend fun will use this drug. One drug will do the magic for the entire weekend. 


Usage of Tadalafil is very safe and does not show any major side effects. You are free to take the drug at any time of the day. No matter at what time of the day you take the drug, it shows the same effect. All you need is to give at least one hour for the medicine to start working. You can see results only when you follow the instructions of your doctor. Also, you need to be sexually stimulated. When you show no interest in making love with your partner, you will not see any results. The drug is very powerful and magical for men with ED issues.