The Accu-Chek Active Glucometer is a convenient way to track your blood sugar levels. The device uses reflectance photometry to measure glucose in fresh capillary blood. It is easy to use and has convenient color-coded results. It is visual double-check feature ensures accurate measurement of blood glucose levels. The device also comes with a built-in audio reminder and a post-prandial visual reminder.

It is designed to be used at home by people with diabetes. But healthcare providers can also use it. Along with that, it has a memory that stores 500 test results. With the Continua interface, you can download the results to a PC.


Accu-Chek Active is a type of glucose meter used for blood glucose monitoring. It is used by people with diabetes to check their blood sugar levels regularly. The meter works by measuring the amount of glucose in a small sample of blood, which is obtained by pricking a finger with a lancet. The device displays the blood glucose level on its screen, allowing people with diabetes to track their blood sugar levels over time and adjust their insulin doses accordingly.


To use the Accu-Chek Active glucose meter, follow these steps:

Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly.

  • Prepare the meter: insert a new test strip into the meter and turn it on.
  • Obtain a small blood sample: using the lancing device, prick the side of your fingertip to obtain a drop of blood.
  • Apply blood to the test strip: touch the end of the test strip to the drop of blood and hold it there until the meter beeps or displays a reading.
  • Read the result: the meter will display your blood glucose level on its screen.
  • Record the result: write down the result in a logbook or use a tracking app to keep track of your readings over time.

It is important to follow the instructions provided with the meter carefully and to regularly calibrate it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure accurate results.


This Glucometer meter has several benefits that make it an excellent option for people with diabetes. It gives users valuable insight into their blood glucose levels. Allowing them to make informed decisions about what they eat and drink. Regular testing also helps people with diabetes to reduce their risk of diabetes complications.

Thus, the benefits of using this meter include:

  • First, this glucometer is easy to use and can be carried anywhere.
  • Second, it can store up to 500 readings and is USB-compatible for easy data transfer.
  • Third, it also comes with a pack of 10 free test strips.
  • Fourth, it has a 2-button interface and features like a post-memories reminder and double-checks. Also, it provides quick and accurate blood sugar readings.

It is designed to test many patients, so it is ideal for use by nurses and health care professionals. It uses only sterile, Roche-approved test strips to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. If you share a blood glucose meter with another patient, you run the chance of transferring the risk of infection.


The Accu-Chek Active system comes with a User’s Manual. Before using it, always read the manual to avoid possible mistakes and avoid any damage to the system. The instructions contain important information about the meter and its safety. The instructions are written for both healthcare experts and individuals with diabetes.

It is compatible with any test strip. A finger pricker or Softclix Lancet is also compatible with the meter. Once you insert the test strip, you’ll see an hourglass symbol on the screen. After the test, it saves the date and time.

Also, the system includes an analysis meter, test strips, and a control solution. The tester measures glucose in capillary blood using reflectance photometry. You can view the test results that are displayed on a digital display. Also, you can view saved test results on the display.

You can perform many blood glucose tests with this meter. It has a special feature that allows it to test many patients at one time. You should follow all suggested procedures for handling it and be sure to follow the health and safety policy.


It is an easy-to-use, portable glucometer. It can retrieve up to 200 results at one time. You can also erase the most recent result, set a date and time, and enable a beep tone.

To keep your Accu-Chek Active meter safe, use the following tips:

  • Wash your hands before testing, and always use a clean fingertip
  • Besides, don’t share your meter with other patients.
  • Using the same meter for several patients can cause cross-contamination and may lead to infections.
  • Also, keep in mind that any object that comes into contact with human blood is a potential source of infection. This includes water, disinfectant, and skin residue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How accurate is the Accu-Chek Active?

The Accu-Chek Active is a reliable and accurate device, but like all glucose meters, it can be influenced by a number of factors such as altitude, temperature, and humidity. To ensure accurate results, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and to regularly calibrate the device.

Q-How do I clean the Accu-Chek Active?

The Accu-Chek Active should be kept clean and dry at all times. The manufacturer recommends wiping the device with a damp cloth, avoiding water and harsh chemicals.

Q-Can I use the Accu-Chek Active with alternate site testing?

Yes, the Accu-Chek Active can be used for alternate site testing, meaning you can test your blood sugar levels using a lancet on different parts of your body, such as your arm or thigh.

Q-What should I do if I get an error message on the Accu-Chek Active?

If you get an error message, it may be due to a problem with the test strip, the meter, or the sample of blood. Follow the instructions provided in the user manual to resolve the error, or contact the manufacturer’s customer support for assistance.

Q-How do I replace the battery in the Accu-Chek Active?

To replace the battery in the Accu-Chek Active, remove the battery compartment cover and insert a new battery, following the instructions in the user manual. It is important to use a new, high-quality battery to ensure accurate results.


Accu-Chek Active test strips come with control solutions that are useful for rechecking blood glucose levels. You can use them whenever you open a new test strip box or when you are concerned about a blood glucose test result. These control tests are performed using the same procedures as a blood glucose test. But do not involve finger pricking. You can remove the test strips from their container and insert the control solution into them.

It meets the requirements of EN ISO 15197:2013. Also, it comes with a glucose control solution that allows you to check the precision of your meter. You can use it whenever you open a new box of test strips. It’s also useful to use control solutions if you’re unsure about the results of a test. If in doubt, you can always contact customer support for help. It is an easy-to-use product. And the best part about it is that it is pain-free. So, you can use it without worrying about the pain.

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