Careprost Eye Drop has Bimatoprost which is part of a medicine group called Prostamides. This is a medicine that works to reduce pressure in the adult's eyes who suffer from high pressure and glaucoma in the eye. Too high pressure in the eyes can damage your eyesight and can also lead to blindness. Careprost helps to flow the fluid from the eyes and into the blood.

Careprost Eye Drop works to reduce eye pressure in adults. This can also be used in combination with other eye drops which helps in reducing eye pressure. Follow your doctor’s advice to get the best results from this medicine. Always remove your contact lenses before applying this eye drop. And put them back at least after 15 minutes. You can use it only if your health expert prescribes you.
Self-medication or suggesting your medicine to others without a doctor’s advice can be harmful to your health. Before stopping the medicine contact your doctor. Do not stop using it suddenly because this may increase eye pressure.

The most common side effects of careprost eye drop include eye itching and conjunctival hyperemia. If you face any side effects, contact your doctor because they will suggest ways of preventing and reducing some side effects. If you face blur vision or changes in your eyesight do not drive a vehicle until your vision is clear. These side effects can be seen in a few cases generally that do not require any medical attention.


Ocular hypertension


In Ocular hypertension
Careprost Eye Drop is a part of medicines called prostaglandin analogue. It works to reduce pressure in the eyes. It also helps in increasing the flow of fluid from the eye into the blood thereby helps to minimize the increased eye pressure. If the eye pressure is too high this can damage your eyesight. Use it regularly as your doctor suggested.

In Glaucoma
Careprost Eye Drop minimizes pressure in your eyes (ocular hypertension) that can further lead to glaucoma. Use it alone or in combination with other medications. Using it too often can make this medicine less effective.


Like all medicines, careprost also has a few side effects that are very mild. And often do not require any medical attention. Most of the side effects gradually disappear over time.

Common Side effects
Longer eyelashes,
Slight redness
Itchy eyes
Allergic reaction
Dry, burning eyes
Eye pain, tearing, or irritation


Use careprost as suggested by your doctor. Check the label direction for use before using it. This is only for external use. Wash your hand before applying it. Put the dropper close to your eyes and gently squeeze it.


Careprost Eye Drop works by decreasing the pressure in the eye and increasing the outflow of aqueous humor that is how it minimizes the pressure in the eyes.


Keep this away from direct sunlight and store it in a dark and dry place.


Do not use careprost if you have hypersensitivity or allergy. Tell your doctor about all prescription and nonprescription drugs you are taking. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, inform your health expert prior to taking it. If you use contact lenses remove them before application of careprost and you can put them back after 15 minutes. Clean your hand properly before using it to avoid infection.

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