Clotrimazole cream is an antifungal cream, ointment, solution, or lotion that treats different types of yeast and fungal infections of the skin.


Treats fungal infections of the skin. This cream is an effective antifungal medicine that kills & stops further fungal growth. It offers relief from infections like fungal nappy rash, athlete’s foot, ringworm, and fungal sweat rash. Use this cream for the duration prescribed by your medical expert even if you see the symptoms have disappeared.

The cream will prevent the skin infection from returning. When you use this cream as per the doctor’s advice it will offer relief from itching and pain and you will feel comfortable and get rid of skin infections.

How does this cream works?

This cream kills & prevents fungal growth by destructing its cell membrane to treat skin infections.

Things to discuss with a medical expert before using this cream

Notify your medical professional if you have certain health conditions like:

  • unexpected allergic reaction to this cream, other foods, medicines, antifungals, preservatives, or dyes.
  • pregnant or trying to conceive
  • nursing mother

How to use this cream?

Clotrimazole cream is only for external use. Do not consume it orally. Red & follow the directions mentioned on the label. Do not forget to wash your hands before& after using this cream. If you are using this cream for nail or hand infection, wash your hands before using the cream.

Use a thin layer of this cream on the affected skin surface and small amounts in nearby areas. Rub the cream gently and make sure the medicine doesn’t get into your eyes. If the cream gets into the eyes, use water to rinse it properly.

Apply this cream regularly as directed by the skin doctor. Do not exceed the prescribed quantity and duration while using the cream. Complete the treatment course even if you see improvement in symptoms. Do not stop applying the cream before asking the doctor.

If you need to use this cream for children, speak to your child specialist first. Although this cream is recommended in young children for specific conditions, some precautions are applicable. Do not share this cream with others.


The dose of Clotrimazole cream differs for each patient. You should stick to the instructions of the doctor. It is better to take the dose your medical expert has prescribed you and make sure you do not change the dose unless your medical expert tells you to do so.

The quantity of medicine you apply depends on the medicine’s strength. The number of doses used every day, the time gap between each dose, and the duration for which the medicine depends on the condition for which you are using it.

What if a person misses a dose?

Missing a dose is normal but take it once you remember. If the next dose is due, continue with the normal dose. Do not take a double dose to match up the missed dose.

What can interact with this cream?

  • topical products having nystatin
  • amphotericin b

There can be other possible interactions. So, before using this cream, share the details of other prescription medicines, supplements, non-prescription medicines, dietary supplements, etc., Also, tell your medical expert if you smoke, use illegal drugs, or drink alcohol.

What should I check out for while using this cream?

Notify your healthcare professional, if you see no improvement in symptoms even after 7 days of using this cream. Do not use this cream for more than a week without asking the doctor. If you are using this cream to treat ‘jock itch’ make sure the groin should be dried properly after taking shower. Avoid wearing tight-fitting underwear or synthetic underwear like nylon or rayon. So, wear cotton and loose-fitting underwear.

If using this cream to treat athlete’s foot make sure the feet are dried properly after showering especially the area between your toes. Avoid wearing woolen socks or socks made from nylon or rayon. Avoid wearing dirty socks and change the socks a minimum of once a day. Also, change the socks often if you feel your feet are sweating a lot. Try to wear comfortable and well-ventilated sandals/shoes.

What are the side effects I will experience from this medicine?

The side effects that do not need medical help (speak to your medical expert if they turn severe or bothersome) are:

  • Burning, skin irritation
  • Allergic reactions like hives, itching, skin rash, swelling of tongue, lips, or face

The above list may not have all side effects. Seek help from your medical expert if you notice any other side effects.

Where to store this medicine?

Store Clotrimazole cream away from children at room temperature. Store it at 2-30 degrees C and do not refrigerate. Discard unused cream or if it has expired.

Drug Interactions

Some medicines should not be taken together whereas in some cases two distinct medicines can be used together even if there are chances of interaction. So, in such cases, the medical expert may adjust the dose or ask to take precautions if needed. Also, while you are using this cream, your medical expert must know about other medicines you are taking.

Other Interactions

Some medicines are not to be taken at or during having food or some food types as interactions are prone to happen.

Using tobacco and alcohol with some medicines can bring interactions. So, speak to your healthcare provider to know the interaction of medicine with tobacco, alcohol, and food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Which fungi are treated by Clotrimazole cream?

This cream is useful against Trichophyton species causing athlete’s foot, ringworm infection, and jock itch (fungal infection groin/buttocks). This cream also offers relief against yeast called Candida which results in vaginal thrush.

Q-I started using this cream. How long will it take to view the improvements?

The skin infection symptoms like soreness and itching resolve in a couple of days after starting the treatment. The signs like redness and scaling will take a longer time to vanish. So, do not discontinue the application of this cream before you complete the treatment course even if you think you are feeling much better.

Q-What are the necessary precautions I need to take while using this cream?

Wash your hands before & after the application of this cream. If you are applying the cream to treat an infected foot, wash & dry your feet properly before putting this cream, especially the skin area between the toes. Use a thin film of this cream and rub it evenly and gently twice/thrice a day. Use this cream every day.

Q-For how long do I need to use this cream? Can I discontinue using it if the symptoms are gone completely?

The duration of this cream depends on the infection type. In short, the treatment goes on for a month for tinea infection and continues for a minimum of 15 days to treat candida infection. Do not decide to stop the application on your own even if you think you are feeling better as the infection can return. It needs some time for the medicine to destroy the fungus completely and treat the infection.

Q-Is this cream safe for children?

Clotrimazole cream is safe for use in children if told by a medical expert. It should be prescribed in appropriate doses & duration for children. You may see mild side effects in children but they will not be severe. In case children develop redness, burning sensation, or itching, stop using the cream and get in touch with the skin doctor.

Q-Can you suggest some measures that can help speedy recovery?

The skin surfaces that are affected should be kept clean & dry and do not rub excessively.

You may feel like scratching due to itchiness but try to avoid scratching the skin as it can harm the skin surface and spread the infection further. Avoid sharing personal stuff like bath mats, towels, etc., with others as it can spread the infection to others.

Q-Does this cream impact contraception?

This cream can reduce the efficacy of rubber contraceptives, such as condoms and diaphragms. In case you are applying this cream on the penis or vulva, choose alternative contraception methods for a minimum of five days after using this cream.

Q-Is Candida infection harmful?

It is yeast which is a type of fungus. It results in infections in humans and animals. These infections are highly contagious and some people having weak immunity catch this infection faster. This infection doesn’t spread through sexual contact. It can be treated if diagnosed early and treatment starts early. If this infection is not treated on time, it can result in severe infection.

Q-What should I avoid while using this cream?

When you are applying this cream to treat a specific fungus type on the skin, do not cover it with dressings like plastic wrap or airtight covering as it can lead to skin irritation. Try to discuss the necessary precautions to be taken while using this cream with your medical expert so that you get more benefits from this cream.

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