Deplatt 75mg tablet is a blood thinner or antiplatelet medicine. It helps prevent the building up of dangerous blood clots in the blood vessels. This tablet helps reduce the risk of heart attack/stroke. The tablet is used to protect your heart against attacks and strokes.

This tablet is recommended for individuals who suffer from heart disease or can get heart disease. It comprises individuals having blood circulation issues which occur when the blood vessels become narrow (peripheral vascular disease) had a heart attack or stroke recently, face irregular heartbeats, or those undergone some heart surgeries like stenting.

The tablet is also prescribed in combination with other medicines to be useful for treating chest pain related to heart or heart attack. You can take this tablet with food. This tablet can be taken without food too. Keep using this tablet even if you feel you are feeling much better. If the consumption of this tablet is stopped in between, it can elevate the chances of suffering from a heart attack/stroke.

The common side effect one may notice with this tablet is bleeding. The bleeding can be nose bleeds, bruising, blood in stools or urine, and heavy periods than normal in females. Also, if you injure or cut yourself accidentally, the wound may not heal faster as the bleeding wouldn’t stop faster. Such situations of bleeding are mild and fade away automatically.

Well, if the bleeding is prolonged or serious, get in touch with a health expert. This tablet may not be suitable for some individuals. You should avoid taking this tablet if you are bleeding in any of the body parts like a stomach ulcer or bleeding inside the brain.



Prevents heart attack/stroke



This tablet is an effective blood thinner. It prevents the platelets from attaching. It helps prevent the clotting of blood inside arteries and veins. This tablet promotes a smooth flow of blood all over the body thereby preventing the risk of heart attack/stroke.

Use this tablet regularly and make necessary lifestyle changes to make the most of this tablet. Your doctor may prescribe this tablet with a low dose of aspirin which helps prevent blood from clotting.

Common Side effects

  • Stomach pain
  • Abnormal bleeding/bruising
  • Indigestion/heartburn
  • Bleeding
  • Diarrhea





You should be cautious while drinking alcohol with this tablet. check with your doctor if it is fine to consume alcohol while using this tablet.


This tablet is believed to be safe for use in pregnant women. Still, you should ask for a doctor’s advice


This tablet is safe for use in nursing mothers. Consult your physician before taking it.


This tablet will not affect your focus to drive.


Seek consultation from your healthcare provider if you have any kidney disease. He can help you know if the tablet is safe for you or not.


This tablet is safe to use in patients having liver disease. You will not require any dose adjustments. But, before taking the tablet, you’re your doctor that you have kidney disease.


Also, inform your healthcare provider if

  • You have a blood disorder.
  • Had a blood clot in the brain or a brain stroke
  • Suffer from liver/kidney disease
  • Have TTP (Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura). It is a condition wherein you get fever & bruising within the skin with/without tiredness, jaundice, or confusion.
  • You are allergic to a specific medicine
  • You are planning surgery(can be dental procedures too)
  • This tablet is not advisable for children




Q-When can I take Deplatt 75mg?

 You need to ask your doctor for the duration and dose of this tablet. You can take this medication with meals/without meals almost any time during the day. Still, you can have a fixed timetable for taking the tablet to avoid missing the dose.

Q-Will Deplatt 75mg affect my blood pressure?

Yes. This tablet can lower blood pressure. It is a side effect of the medicine. Well, this effect is quite rare and not everyone taking this tablet may face this. In case you feel lightheaded, dizzy, notice blurred vision or feel weak, connect with the healthcare provider instantly. These signs are the signs of low blood pressure so consulting a doctor is a must.

Q-Who should not consume Deplatt 75mg?

This tablet is not advisable for individuals with allergic reactions to it. Also if you have stomach ulcers, liver diseases, bleeding disorder, or bleeding inside the brain, avoid taking this tablet. Women planning pregnancy, are pregnant, or nursing their babies should avoid using this tablet.

Q-Can I take this tablet before my surgery?

Make sure you ask your physician if this tablet should be stopped before you undergo surgery. The physician may tell you to stop it for a couple of days before you undergo surgery as it can elevate the chances of bleeding during a medical procedure.

Q-Can Deplatt 75mg lead to bleeding?

Yes. This tablet is a blood thinner and is prescribed with Aspirin and can elevate the chances of bleeding. So, make sure you are extra alert while carrying out daily activities like cutting your fingernails, shaving, and dealing with sharp objects, etc., Before you undergo any surgery, inform your physician in advance about the surgery.

Q-Can this tablet be taken for a prolonged period?

This tablet is normally safe when used for a longer period too. It will help you get maximum benefits when used for months or years. In case you have a stomach ulcer, speak to your medical professional. He may suggest you treatment for ulcers while you are on this tablet.

You should be careful while using the tablet and take it with a doctor’s prescription only. It can help you prevent the risk of encountering heart attacks or strokes.

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