Flixotide Diskus 250 mcg is a fine powder that is white to off-white. The plastic Diskus device includes foil strips containing blisters. It has lactose and fluticasone propionate. The blisters are responsible for protecting the powder from inhalation from atmosphere effects. Every blister has 50mcg, 100 mcg, 250 mcg, or 500 mcg of lactose and fluticasone propionate. They act as carriers. The 50 mcg, 100 mcg, 250 mcg, or 500 mcg Flixotide packs have twenty-eight or sixty blisters.

The medication aids in preventing asthma attacks in individuals who require regular treatment. It will not aid in treating sudden asthma attacks where an individual feels breathless. Flixotide Diskus 250 mcg lowers symptoms in COPD when used along with other medications known as long-acting bronchodilators. 250mcg dosage is most suitable for COPD treatment.


  • Always take the medicine as mentioned by your doctor. Depending on the severity of an individual’s illness, the doctor will decide whether to increase or decrease the dosage.
  • Never increase the dose. If your doctor asks you to bring any change in the dosage, then only do it.
  • Do not try to change the dosage unless told by your doctor.
  • The medicine is inhaled into the lungs via the mouth by making use of a special inhaler known as Diskus.
  • You will get ahold of all detailed instructions on inhaler usage in the provided package leaflet.
  • If you do not know how to use the medication, take your doctor’s help.
  • If Flixotide Diskus 250 mcg is correctly used, you will feel the tongue powder’s taste.
  • It may take some days or months to feel the medicine’s effects.
  • Thus it is vital that you take the medicine regularly each day.
  • If shortness of breath and wheezing does not reduce or become worse within a week, immediately inform your doctor.
  • Do not stop your treatment unless your doctor tells you you feel better.
  • If you have any more queries on medicine use, ask your doctor.


Q-Should I follow any precautions while using Flixotide Diskus 250 mcg ?

If you do not use the medicine correctly or as recommended, it will not aid your asthma as it should. Do not try to use the inhaler more frequently than prescribed by your doctor. Let your doctor know if the medicine is not working well. This is because your chest problem may become worse, and you may require another medication. Follow your doctor’s prescribed instructions carefully while using Flixotide Diskus 250 mcg.

Q-What warning signs should I be aware of?

Inform your doctor if, while taking medicine, you suffer from any lung infection symptoms and have fever and chills. You may also face increased difficulties breathing or have an increased cough. Sometimes you may also see a change in mucus color and increased production of mucus. Some allergic reactions such as skin rashes, itching, redness, and hives may take place. Severe allergic reactions like swelling of the face, mouth, lips, throat, or tongue may be causing difficulty in breathing or swallowing. You may feel faint or lightheaded and thus collapse. Right after using the inhaler, your breathing or wheezing may get worse. If you notice any of these symptoms, then stop using the medication. Inform your doctor right away.

Q-Will I face any side effects if I use Flixotide Diskus 250 mcg?

Like any other medication, with initial usage, you may get affected by some side effects of Flixotide Diskus 250 mcg. But they will go away with regular use as your body will get adjusted to the medication. However, if the side effects do not go away and worsen your condition, take medical help. Some of the common side effects of the medicine are nausea, vomiting, headache, drowsiness, tiredness, convulsions, low level of blood sugar, and loss of appetite. 

Q-What will happen if I forget to take the medicine or take more than the recommended dosage?

If you forget to take a dosage, take the next dosage when it is scheduled. Remember not to take any double dosage to compensate for your forgotten dosage. If you take more than your recommended dosage, tell your doctor as soon as possible.


The Diskus comes sealed in one foil overwrap. It must be opened when you use it for the first time. Once it is opened, discard the foil overwrap. Keep the medicine away from your children. Do not try to store it above 30 degrees Celsius. Store the medicine in a dry place. The expiry date of Flixotide Diskus 250 mcg is mentioned on the carton. Please do not use it after this expiry date. Never throw away the medicine through household waste or wastewater. Ask your doctor or pharmacist how to throw away the medication that you will not use anymore. Thus you will be able to protect your environment. 

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